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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,If the areas population grows as fast as is now projected, in another few decades the current river trail wont provide sufficient space for all the bicycle riders, dog walkers, joggers and strollers who will then be using it. At that point the wisest choice, both in ecological and quality-of-life terms, would be to expand the trail onto the railroad corridor. An additional use for the corridor in that not-too-distant future could be space for a caboose after Amtrak no longer exists. In that last vestige of the railroad, kids could learn that once there was a distinct region called the West where tracks were laid alongside rivers. They can learn about how the settlers replaced the native population and how the descendants of those settlers eventually had to sell their farms and ranches to make way for subdivisions and gated communities. Perhaps those children of that sadly homogenized future will build a puppet theater about the West that was, or even just a funky old lemonade stand. Or what about having a community garden demonstrating the beauty of indigenous plants so that people stop using what by then could be scarce water to achieve gardens that look like New England? Yes, Grand Avenue needs relief from the traffic that is choking the towns main artery thats what tunnels are for. Is anyone interested in starting an ad hoc committee to save the railroad corridor for future uses, and to leave the river trail just as is?Judith KingGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,This letter is in response to Faith Websters letter to the editor in the July 25 Post Independent about pro-choice. According to her God, (people often say that when they want to make their own rules,) its OK to kill children. She also writes about the intolerance toward abortion by us mean Christians. According to her thesis, deformed or mentally handicapped children put a burden on the family, often destroying the familys quality of life. I suppose love and compassion and tolerance of others does not apply to handicapped or mentally ill children. Perhaps we should go one step further and do the same thing that was done in the 30s in Germany: Empty all the mental institutions, nursing homes, and hospitals of handicapped people, because they arent living up to their potential.Almost every third baby conceived in America is killed by abortion. Fewer than 6 percent of abortions in the United States are for incest, rape or mother- or child-health issues. The majority of poor people dont have abortions, its the middle and upper classes. Killing a child because it doesnt fit into a day planner, under the guise of choice, is still killing. It is amazing that the only people that are for choice are the ones that are alive. Perhaps Jesus should have been aborted. Joseph and Mary couldnt even find a place for Mary to give birth. The burden Jesus put on his family must have been intolerable! Since Roe v. Wade, more than 30 million have been killed.Andy StanczakGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,In response to the July 28 letter in the Post Independent by Faith Webster:God is the primary author of the Bible. As to your right to choose, choose what? The right to destroy the most innocent of Gods creations in a place which ought to be the safest in the universe? No one has the right to choose evil. Mike McGuireRifle

Dear Editor,In a July 26 Post Independent article about the closing of the Sopris Restaurant, jazz fan Connie McCrudden was quoted as stating that Walt Smiths Tuesday night jam session is the only place in the valley to hear straight-ahead jazz.Im happy to report that this is not the case. I am the bassist in an extraordinary jazz trio piano, bass & drums that appears three nights a week at the Shadow Mountain Lounge (lobby bar) of the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen. We perform Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 8 p.m. until midnight. We are about to end our second year and have been asked back for a third.The St. Regis is a wonderful place to play; so wonderful, in fact, that Walt Smith played piano with us on Thursday nights last winter season. As one of Walts longtime fans, Im surprised that Connie didnt know this.No matter. Wed like to invite Connie and all the other jazz fans in the Roaring Fork Valley to come into the St. Regis and hear some great jazz.James MarchAspen

Dear Editor,I am so thankful for all the fabulous work that Commissioner Trsi Houpt has done on a state and national level in representing Garfield County and people from Colorado. She has listened to her constituents and has addressed private-property-rights concerns and effectively worked on merging them with environmental concerns. It is good to know that someone is looking to protect the individual landowners from such issues as RS 2477 rights of way being asserted on their properties to protection for surface-rights owners from gas drilling. It takes a lot of will to be this strong.Please take the time to express your support. That will only take you a few minutes. Credit should be given to where credit is due.A.J. ChamberlinProperty Owners for Sensible Roads PolicyBoulder

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