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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Shame indeed! One would think Shirley Woodrow has a hot line to Karl Rove. How very Republican-Christian to refuse to allow another American to speak their opinion on an important, controversial issue. Shirley should check her facts as well, since the small minority opposed to George’s illegal, immoral and criminal war is 58 percent and growing.

George himself, who has never really quite explained his cocaine and alcohol problems in college, his ducking out on his reserve obligation and his enormous lies about WMDs in Iraq, is moral? Going on 2,000 American dead, 10 times that wounded and perhaps 100,000 Iraqis dead, and most of it since George declared victory.

Under George’s leadership we have: abrogated treaties, invaded a sovereign nation for a lie, declared the Geneva Convention outdated, imprisoned our own citizens in violation of their constitutional rights, illegally held war prisoners incommunicado and exported prisoners both domestic and foreign to other countries for torture.

Domestically, George has overseen the destruction of environmental laws carte blanche for corporate looters and oil companies, and created a bonanza for his buddies providing supplies to the military. Then, we have the stolen elections, outed CIA agents and the ongoing host of slimy political attacks.

We will most certainly have to finish what the Neo-Cons have started worldwide, dealing with wars, broken treaties and tarnished reputations, but rebuilding Bush’s damage to our reputation as a moral nation will be the toughest task.

R.W. Boyle

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I notice most of the letters to the editor find fault with someone else, some other political figure or the president.

But when I point one finger at others, three fingers are pointed at me.

The problems our nation faces start with each of us who do not want to face up to our faults and our attitude.

Why should we not have these unsolvable problems? We are a nation of people who rebel against our Lord Jesus.

The children of Israel, after leaving Egypt, rebelled and complained 10 times and spent 40 years in the desert. They were good people, why should it be any different?

If we want healing in our nation, it starts with us. You see, Jesus only comes in where he is invited.

We, as individuals, as family, as a nation of people, have to return to our Lord Jesus to be blessed.

It means regular, daily bible reading, prayer and praise. It means regular church attendance and living by the word of Jesus that is in the Bible. It means willingness to serve our Lord. Then he will heal our nation.

Jack Gilbertson


Dear Editor,

Here are some facts on the sales-tax election for maintenance of Glenwood Springs city streets: The current tax, which is the only designated revenue for streets, expires in December. A half-cent tax is equal to 50 cents on $100. The 2006 city budget assumes ballot question 2A will pass in November.

If 2A fails, $1.8 million will have to be taken out of the 2006 budget. The city may be forced by the voters into serious cuts, including recreation and police, if the current revenue for streets expires and is not renewed by a yes vote on 2A.

The city has choices, and the citizens have choices. Learn the facts.

Stan Stevens’ last two letters have inaccuracies, misrepresentations and false conclusions. Mr. Stevens’ last letter states, “in 2005, Glenwood Springs had almost $13 million in undesignated funds throughout all its various funds.” He is trying to make the argument that the city has cash to fix our streets. According to the budget and finance director, it is true there is $13 million in cash, but Mr. Stevens fails to understand the $13 million is split between 18 different city funds, all of which have restricted use and future obligations to pay. For example: the tourism fund is restricted for use towards attracting tourism and cannot be used for streets, ever.

The city budget is hard to understand, but just like in 1998 when Mr. Stevens wrote to the Post that the city would be in violation of state law to issue the voter-approved sales tax debt, he lacked the knowledge and failed to differentiate the difference between general obligation debt and sales tax debt. I only correct Mr. Stevens’ false statements, printed over and over in his letters to the editor, so they do not become fact in the minds of your readers.

Get the facts and make an informed decision.

Mike McCallum

chairman, City of Glenwood Springs Financial Advisory Board

Dear Editor,

I would like to bring a certain subject up to every pet owner in town. I respect every pet owner who takes time to clean up after their pets, but I have a huge problem with people who don’t.

I happen to work in West Glenwood near the Sunset Ridge Villas. Every single day I see people who live in these condos walk their animals or let their pets run down down to the businesses in front of the condos to let them do their “business.” Not one of these pet owners clean up after their animals. I find it disrespectful to the people who own these businesses who have to deal with it, and I find it disgusting that these pet owners think its OK to let it lay out.

Please clean up after your animals. No one likes looking at poop.

Jenn Odom

Glenwood Springs

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