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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Recently, Mr. Steve Damm wrote about the folly of the Midland Avenue planters being a foolish expense to the taxpayers of Glenwood Springs and those of us who commute through and shop in Glenwood. The recent accident is anouther clue to this goofy manner to calm traffic in Glenwood.The Glenwood City Councils disdain for commuters shows up here on Planter Avenue. The fact that they spent taxpayers money on a consultant to calm traffic is another example of wasteful spending.I believe that commuter traffic needs attention and suggest that moving traffic along to get these people home sooner will calm drivers and hence traffic.Impeding traffic creates stress and calms nothing.Cliff VashusSilt

Dear Editor,RFTA has long opposed an excursion train on its railroad. To prevent this happening, it has perhaps unwittingly fostered a fabrication that a Glenwood-Carbondale trail paralleling the railroad will cost an added $3.2 million.There need be no added cost. Where terrain, slopes and wetlands present problems, an elevated boardwalk can be built on the surface with minimal environmental impact. It is faster and less expensive at $52/foot of trail than the Roaring Fork Transit Authority cost, avoiding problem areas, of $75/foot. I am sure other solutions exist. What about using the ties salvaged in the upper valley?RFTA estimates its trail cost in problem areas at $250/foot. Costs for five boardwalk solutions for problem areas have been studied in detail. Three of the solutions come in at $52/foot. These costs include the decking, supports, fence, and labor required for an installed boardwalk. Materials considered were chosen for long life expectancy, minimum of maintenance, environmental compatibility, and a suitable trail surface. The costs are conservatively calculated and contain a built-in contingency factor. The boardwalk approach demonstrates that there is at least one alternative which doesnt lead to increased cost. Its more than a shame that this fabrication has stood unchallenged so long. Its prorogation has influenced RFTA thinking, leading it to scrapping the rails and turning away excursion train proposals and has set rail supporters against trail advocates.Visit Rails and Trails website at kipwh.com/train for more information.Kip WheelerAspen

Dear Editor,About 10 years ago there was a great local drama produced as a spoof about some of the goings-on in our community. The play was titled Ruts Three or Can a Bypass Save the Heart of Glenwood. In the play the make-believe mayor pounds his fist on the table and says, We have got to raise some more taxes, so that we can build some more roads, so that we can bring in some more people! Then he proclaims, Then we can raise some more taxes, and build some more roads, and that will then allow us to bring in some more people!My, how history repeats itself, and so it goesJoe MollicaGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,I guess Im a slow learner. If the president gives us a tax break, and it stimulates the economy, which results in increased tax revenue, isnt that an indication that we have reached a place where taxation is the thing depressing the economy?Now they are pushing C and D (con and deceive). If we dont give the government the surplus taxes they collected, old people will starve and kids will fail their SAT tests, or so they say. Government rewards failure and penalizes success. The whole of the population is divided into those smart enough to work for the government (over half the work force) and those who are dumb enough to work for those who work for the government, get up every morning, work two jobs and pay taxes and fees, permits and licenses. They even tax your taxes.Go ahead and get in line to be sheared again. I think its a bad idea. Give us FreeFrom.Ross L. TalbottNew Castle

Dear Editor,If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, is there a sound?If I place objects in the middle of the road, will those objects be struck over and over by vehicles?Does the city have to pay a so-called traffic consultant for bad advice so they have someone else to blame when the ideas he presents on calming traffic turns out to be not only very costly, but also worthless?The answer to all these questions is obviously yes.Now this question is for all the marbles. How can you calm traffic on Midland Avenue and Grand Avenue while reducing the traffic on both streets? Come on, it isnt that tough. I am sorry, but you cant waste taxpayer money on a so-called traffic consultant to help you with this question … anyone? How about you folks sitting in those city council chairs falling asleep, can any of you answer this question?The answer is simple. You must reduce traffic on both streets, and the only way to do this is by building a new street that commuters can drive on without being held up in Glenwood. These streets have been successful all over the United States. This type of street is called a bypass. Now, millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent studying a bypass around Glenwood Springs, and time after time, the vocal minority has kept it from being built. It is time to stop wasting taxpayer money by putting stuff in the middle of the road, and get the problem solved once and for all. Traffic is only going to get worse. The time is now to build a bypass, wake up. Get some guts and do what is smart and what is right.Doug MeyersGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor, Shame on you! The recent articles in your newspaper regarding the Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce and the City of Glenwood Springs have been slanderous, one-sided and an embarrassment to the community.Marianne Virgili is a friend, business associate, and someone I look up to as having upmost integrity, leadership and a love for the City of Glenwood Springs.The witchhunt that has transpired over the past few years has been time consuming, money draining and morale decaying for the chamber and the City of Glenwood Springs. The result of the allegations has broken trust and communication where it is sorely needed to continue our citys tourism progress.My hat is off to Marianne and her fine crew. Marianne, bring back the twinkle in your eye that says, I am proud to represent Glenwood Springs.Marianne AckermanGlenwood Springs

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