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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,A few evenings ago we were driving from north to south on Midland Avenue. It was during the dusk hours when the traffic was heaviest. I began to notice that as we approached the planters, the cars coming north had their headlights on and because of the turn in the road or the angle they were coming from, the reflectors and planters were located squarely between and at the exact level of most of the car’s headlights. We both noted the effect that the planters were totally invisible as you approached them – and wondered why the planters didn’t have larger reflectors on the ends facing traffic. Please try this drive some evening during rush hour and see for yourself how “invisible” the planters are when cars are coming. Mary Linda VawterGlenwood Springs

This letter was also addressed to Glenwood Springs City Council.Dear Editor,There has been much said about the planters being placed on Midland Avenue. I have lived on Midland Avenue for 28 years and believe it is more dangerous now than it has ever been. To make a street safer, you do not make it narrower and put obstacles in the middle of it. Remember, Midland Avenue is the only alternate route out of Glenwood if something happens to Grand Avenue. To keep traffic flowing, Midland Avenue should be widened two to three feet and the speed limit increased to 35 mph. Think about it. If Grand Avenue is blocked off or limited, as it was when it was being paved, Midland Avenue must be able to carry the traffic. Another problem with the planters is that they are virtually invisible at night. You can see the sign up high, but there is nothing on the planters themselves to make them visible. They should have reflective stripes on them so that they can be seen and you have a visual perception of the depth and width. In addition, to place the planters on curves is not too wise. Midland Avenue has not had many accidents in the past. Granted, people drive more than 25 mph on it, and the police do issue speeding tickets, but the accident rate has been very low. In the past two weeks, there have been three accidents, and two related to the planters. Perhaps this needs to be thought through again.So those of you who have not voted yet on 2A, think about how the city wants to spend the money they would receive from the taxes. Until the city shows more responsibility and better judgment in its street design, maintenance and development, I urge you to vote “no” on 2A.Joyce YoderGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Though I felt it necessary to challenge what I saw as political bias and occasional distortions of facts in some of his recent columns, I hereby change my tune (for now, anyway), and congratulate Hal Sundin for a perceptive, thought-provoking article of Oct. 13.Some of the topics he raised, including the future we might bequeath to our children, and China’s aggressive and unfair trading practices, harming our country’s financial health, do deserve our close attention.It was refreshing to read his column without blame attached to President Bush and/or Republicans for all the ills plaguing our planet; what’s gotten into him? I do hope he is feeling OK.As an unashamed believer in Jesus Christ and his redeeming grace and truth, I ardently believe God’s word still holds the answers to life’s struggles and problems. The further this nation and world drift from the precepts and admonitions found in that ancient wisdom, in favor of humanistic “tolerance” and secularism, the further we will descend into decadence, confusion, and ultimate destruction. As Proverbs warns: “There is a way that seems right to a man (or a nation), but in the end it leads to death.”I also wanted to say how much I appreciate photographers Kelley Cox and Kara Pearson, and their work that adorns your pages. The images they capture, especially of nature, are always good, and often superb. Keep up that awesome work!John HerbstParachute

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