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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Colorado’s Republican Sen. Wayne Allard has voted against the amendment on torture of prisoners. (He believes it is appropriate to torture.) He’s one of the “special” nine U.S. senators who did so.

Generations of Americans have professed that we do not torture, that it is a disgrace to our country and our soldiers. We would then be no better than the enemy.

Give Mr. Allard a call and let him know how you feel. (202) 224-5941 or fax (202) 224-6471.

Gayle Samuelson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Leslie Rockey, director of CARE, recently took the time to teach Snowmass Village Animal Services a specialized training system called Temperament Testing. She and her staff demonstrated the technique on a number of dogs to help us understand and utilize the system correctly. The training has already assisted us in evaluating a variety of dogs in different situations.

Their willingness to share their knowledge with other professionals in the valley is greatly appreciated.

Tina White and Laurie Smith

Snowmass Village Animal Services

Snowmass Village

Dear Editor,

Zoo animals are not intended to be held in such small spaces, in such unnatural settings. Zoos not only hold captive endangered species, trying to revive them, but they put the animals into unnatural positions, so that they are unable to thrive as they would outside the zoo setting.

Instead of zoos and breeding of endangered animals, you and your families should support habitat preservation organizations.

Morgan Vernie

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I would hope that CARE would care enough to give Buster and the other dogs slated for possible euthanasia time to allow the owners of the dogs to be found. It could take up to a year or more for that to happen. If you do euthanize Buster and the others, what will you tell the owners when they do find their dogs. Giving a deadline for early December doesn’t make a bit of sense.

But nothing CARE does makes any sense to me.

Amy Krakow


Dear Editor,

The latest moronic anti-Bush tirade from R.W. Boyle in your paper prompts me to point out some facts.

The lie:

Most frequently Mr. Boyle and others accuse the president of lying.

Mainly about Iraqi WMD in order to lead us into war.

A lie is “a statement the speaker knows to be untrue” ” Webster.

Alright then, did Bush really lie about WMD?

The fact:

In 2002 the National Intelligence Estimate, summarizing the findings of all fifteen U.S. intelligence agencies concluded “with a high degree of confidence” that Iraq was continuing and expanding its WMD programs. The intelligence agencies of Britain, China, Germany, France and Israel concurred.

George Tenet, then CIA head, called it “a slam dunk.”

In fact, way before Bush even took office the Clinton administration believed Iraqi WMD existed.

In 1998, Clinton himself threatened use of force to remove them.

Also in 1998, Madeline Albright (Clinton’s secretary of state) called Iraq’s WMD “the greatest security threat we face.”

That same year Sandy (Burglar) Berger (Clinton national security advisor) said, “Saddam will use WMD just like he has ten times before since 1983.”

William Cohen (Clinton’s secretary of defense) continued to state his strong belief in their existence even in 2003.

The lie: Bush manipulated the intelligence to justify the war.

The fact: In 2004 both the Senate bipartisan Intelligence Committee and the independent Robb-Silberman committee investigated the matter and concluded the administration had not manipulated or influenced the intelligence in any way.

Fred Ingelhart

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I am just writing to help get the word out about one of the most wonderful sites on the Web. Go to http://www.anysoldier.com to support the troops. This is a few days from Veterans Day, but we should think of all of them every day.

I write to the soldiers, and when they write back it’s more like Christmas than ever. These men and women put their lives on the line every day to keep our freedom strong. Please, even if you don’t support the war, support the troops. This is a fantastic Web site and truly one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. Thank you.

Hillary Pyle


Dear Editor,

President Bush has a troubling tendency to tell us one thing while the opposite version is actually true. For example, he said he would fire anybody in the White House who was involved in the leak of the CIA agent. We now know by the statements of reporters that White House people did leak. No one was fired.

President Bush has said, repeatedly, the United States is not involved in torture of prisoners. Unfortunately, there is evidence from former prisoners, from humanitarian agencies, from FBI reports, from testimony from a U.S. Army officer about his unit the 82nd Airborne, from reports in the press; and, of course, from the Abu Ghraib Scandal and other sources including Army investigations that make it clear the U.S. does torture prisoners.

The president also has said we are involved in this bloody war in Iraq to prevent the growth of terrorism and any talk of leaving Iraq now just plays into the hands of the enemy. The president says this even after a government report (that was originally concealed) finds that terrorism is on the rise worldwide, and especially, in Iraq. He started his so-called “Global War on Terrorism” in Afghanistan to wipe out the training camps that prepared the Sept. 11 terrorists. Now it is reported new camps have been set up for training right inside Iraq. Budding new terrorists are being brought in from all over the world, then sent back home after their lessons are learned. The truth is that this war is doing exactly what it is supposed to stop: breeding terrorism.

It is getting so that whenever Bush speaks, there is a good chance the opposite is true. I wonder if he thinks we are just too dumb to figure it out.

Patrick Hunter


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