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Dear Editor:In response to Mr. Ken Wonstolens letter about Wellhead markets? I would like to try to clarify the murky issue of wellhead pricing of natural gas for payment of royalties and taxes. The Colorado Supreme Court has decided that when an oil company buys an oil and gas lease from a mineral owner in Colorado, that company has an implied duty to produce oil and gas free of cost to the mineral owner, unless those costs are specified in the lease. Further, the courts have found that the oil company is obligated to extract oil and gas, process it into a marketable product, and take it to a place of sale, free of all cost to the royalty owner. Mineral owners give away 80 percent of the proceeds of all oil and gas from their lands in return for an oil company meeting those lease obligations. In Garfield County, the courts have ruled in favor of some owners of large mineral holdings, finding that there is no market at the wellhead and that deductions for costs are illicit, and further, that price fixing is a breach of the lease contract.There are only approximately five million oil and gas royalty receivers in the whole country, and they receive an average of less than $1,000 per month each. So, why should anybody care about deductions from oil and gas royalties? Because, if oil and gas companies are not paying royalty owners properly, then they are not paying taxes properly, and that means they are taking those illicit deductions out of every taxpayers pocket. Roy SavagePresident, National Association of Royalty Owners,Rocky Mountain ChapterRifle

Dear Editor,I wonder if plans for expansion of the high school facilities here in Glenwood Springs include a proper mudding facility where students can give their four-wheel-drive vehicles a real workout. I live across from the school, and every day at noon and when school lets out, I get to experience from the comfort of my own living room, no less! the thrill of revving engines, slinging mud, and near-misses as dozens of students skillfully navigate their off-road vehicles through what must be a harrowing three or four feet of grass and mud between the student parking lot and 14th Avenue. Come on, guys. Are two entrances/exits to the parking lot really insufficient? Are the off-roading opportunities in the area so limited that you have to shred that same strip of grass every day? Or are you plowing it to plant winter wheat?On second thought, I guess Id rather the mudding take place here than in our National Forests.Darrin Magee Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor, As a senior at Glenwood Springs High School, I attend school five days a week. I spend more time at the high school than I do at home. It bothers me to hear people in the community talking about how their hardware store is more important than education. It was stated in a recent article entitled Death of a sales place that improving education starts within instead of improving the facade of the facility. I agree with this statement completely; however, had this statement been well researched before it was made, it would be realized that educational reform inside the high school has taken place for years. Currently, our high school has one of the top test scores in the valley, and is intellectually competitive on a national level. How can we continue in this successful trend when our roof is falling in? The community must realize that when it rains, or when snow melts, water leaks through the roof into the auditorium, hallways, and classrooms. This destroys ceiling tiles and learning materials. I know its hard losing a small business that has been a part of the community, but think of the benefits that a safe learning environment creates. It all boils down to one simple issue. The people have spoken. A total of 5,539 people voted for the bond issue. Young people are constantly told that we are the future, however if we dont have a safe environment in which we can learn, how are we supposed to create that future? Zac Parsons Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Sheriff Lou Vallario proclaims that people (presumably those who question CAREs approach to the plight of rescued Buster) are missing the point. He then reminds us that he has the authority to order Buster killed.Well, thank you Sheriff Vallario. Actually, most of us are acutely aware of what you and CARE can do. Our concern is with what you should do.CAREs Board of Directors and attorneys can vilify Sue Schmidt all they want, but most of us perceive that she is the one who spent her own time and money to rescue desperate animals, and shes taking heat from CARE because she brought back 10 dogs instead of seven. I believe she was criticized for not keeping the health of the shelter in mind. If newspaper reports are true, Weld County has dealt with over 200 rescued animals. CARE, on the other hand, seems flummoxed with ten. If three additional dogs threaten the health of the shelter, then CARE needs to take a lesson from Weld County.CARE should cut its losses and take advantage of one of the ways offered to it to relinquish control of Buster. It should also reassess the needs and perspectives of its home community. Many of us are bitterly disappointed at CAREs approach to this issue. Linda Jenks ColbyNew Castle

Dear Editor,The rocket scientists have been at it again. For whatever reason the city of Glenwood Springs and RFTA can justify, RFTA has discontinued service for commuters in West Glenwood Springs (Highway 6&24). Instead they have created three new RFTA stops on Wulfsohn Road to serve Glenwood Meadows, the Community Center and the new Park and Ride. Hello, no one lives over there. Ride Glenwood can serve that area. RFTA services were excellent the way they were. I dont need to drive to the Glenwood Meadows to catch RFTA. Those of us in West Glenwood with an early commute will have to drive or walk to Wulfsohn Road or catch Ride Glenwood with its limited schedule for a transfer and possible half-hour layover downtown.We worker bees are the ones who pay the taxes and some of us live in West Glenwood. With light pollution and increased traffic, this is yet another insult to West Glenwood in accommodating the big box. Its not all about Glenwood Meadows. I gave my input during the planning process and this is the best you can do? This is a slap in the face. Kristi Nicholls Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Somehow the DA debacle does not seem like an honorable exercise. I served on the Burning Mountains Fire Protection District Board for 15 years, most of that time as chairman. People who disagreed with my policies replaced me by election, but I stayed on as a captain. Then the new board hired a chief from over the hills and he shortly put me on administrative leave for insubordination. I decided to request retirement. Even though I disagree with the way the department is being run, its doing its job. This is a democracy, and occasionally people get voted out. If you expect appreciation, you shouldnt have run in the first place. Is retaliation honorable? I think not.In as much as one of the protagonists represents himself to be a Christian, let me quote a few lines from the Scriptures: Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them. Or how about, Repay no one evil for evil, but take thought for what is noble in the sight of all.There is much more that could be quoted. Is it too much to expect some noble and honorable behavior, or is it politics as usual?Ross L. TalbottNew Castle

Dear Editor,I think its a shame when a parent or parents tell their kids to say mean, small-minded, racist, demented things toward a group of people from a different race.Too bad racism doesnt go away like bad breath, slang and fashion. My point is, is a parent considered to be a good parent, even though theyre teaching their children the ways of a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, or is that person considered a bad parent?Hate is an ugly thing and its uglier when grown folks warp a young, innocent mind, knowing darn well that it could do more harm than good.I was told thats child abuse. Now, if thats true, then this person or monster should be sentenced to time in the big city. (San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, the Bronx, Detroit or New Mexico.) Take your pick.You know who you are, and Im boycotting your business because its not my interest to support an owner of a business that breeds hate.Gregory BensonCarbondale

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