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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This is a report on certain Veterans Day events, which all your readers should hear about and I am sure that would not make the headlines or the 5 o’clock evening news.

I was fortunate to be present, and although I am not easily swayed, I must give credit where credit is due. We witnessed a performance by the third-grade students of the elementary school in New Castle, a program conducted by Jackie Pack. These young people presented a program the likes of which I have never seen and also in a manner that brought great credit to their school and to their teachers. We could hear and understand their words in song and oral presentations, which they did without notes or musical scores. Their demeanor and attention was outstanding, and Mrs. Pack had a control that would have made a Drill Sergeant envious, even though I expected she would need a chair and whip.

We also attended a program at the New Castle middle school the following afternoon, and Karen Partain and Marcee Little presented their usual outstanding program. The students’ band and choir performed and gave meaning to the assembly. The awards from the New Castle Lions Club were presented and the winners read their entries.

The presentations at these two events reaffirmed our (the veterans’) belief that what we fought and some died for, is still with us in the younger generations, and proves again that the course we have taken as a country, is right and just. I can say for all veterans in the valley, we were impressed and honored to find meaning in our young people.

Robert Mayo

Adjutant, American Legion Post 164

New Castle

Dear Editor,

This morning I went to our Glenwood Springs post office to purchase 100 Christmas stamps depicting the Madonna and Child. I was appalled when I was told that our post office was not carrying them this year, but that I could get “gingerbread man” stamps.

I asked the reason and was told that they did not sell well but that I might be able to get them at another post office. Strange! I returned to the post office last year to buy a few more and there were no more.

I called the New Castle and Carbondale post offices and they both carry the Christian stamps. I purchased them at Carbondale this afternoon.

Shame on the person who has deprived Christians in Glenwood Springs of adorning their Christmas cards with the Madonna and Child stamps! For your information, Christmas is the birthday our savior, Jesus Christ. It is not about the first baking of a gingerbread man!

Patsy Guadnola

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I would like to commend the Rifle Fire Protection District for yet another contribution to our beautiful town. The new lawn and bushes around the flagpole looks awesome. We are lucky as a small community to have such a great organization as our fire/ambulance department. They are always professional yet no matter if it is an emergency, or just seeing them at the store, the crew is always friendly.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for making the drive on Railroad Avenue a little nicer.

Laurie Murdock


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