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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,We are three area Christian women who have come together through the love of our soldiers; we are “Mothers of the Same Heart.” Jody MacGregor supports our military, but especially her son Adam, his buddies and his unit in Iraq. Betty Scranton supports our military with a special focus on those serving in Iraq/Afghanistan with local ties. She has counted more than 80 such families since 9/11, keeping track of as many as possible. Cathy Meskel supports our military and to date has personally sent out more than 13,500 letters to American soldiers, with an additional 2,000 going out Christmas week.Jody, Betty and Cathy would like to thank those who have written to the newspapers this month in support of our troops, with special honor going to those local families with sons and daughters either returning from, or going back to duty in Iraq/Afghanistan.Jody praises our troops who have brought about the recent free elections in Iraq, wishing all a Merry Christmas and letting them know they are missed at home. Betty thanks all the families that help her keep track of their sons and daughters and expresses a special fondness for a local veteran of the Iraq war who spent part of his tour with allied soldiers from her beloved Albania.Cathy recounts from memory many of the hundreds and hundreds of responses she has received from grateful soldiers. She read such comments as, “Your letter was exactly what I needed at that moment,” “Please don’t forget about us,” and a poignant message from Afghanistan, “Most of my soldiers are from broken homes and receive no mail.”Along with the ladies from North Platte, Neb., in World War II, who met the “troop-trains” bringing – as it turned out – more than 3 million soldiers hot coffee, fried chicken and endless love over a five-year period until the war ended, Jody, Betty and Cathy pledge a similar message of support: Soldier, you and the America your protect, will never be forgotten. Jody McGregor, RifleBetty Scranton, Glenwood SpringsCathy Meskel, Rifle

Dear Editor, “Shouldn’t you be dead?” was accusingly asked of me in May and has had lasting effects, the likes of which I am ridding myself of now. While humbly working at a Glenwood Springs big-box retail store for a mere pittance, and trying to scrape together the remnants of my self-inflicted shattered life, a man whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years checked out in my line, and without as much as a smile or hello, he emotionally assaulted me with words that were hurtful and unnecessary. I have never found it important to think of an answer to his question, but the truth is that I am here, and doing very well considering what I have been though, and I pray that the next scoundrel that attempts to put me in my place will at least consider the possibility that maybe I don’t deserve it. Jeff SmithGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,As a former employee of the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, I would like to congratulate Martin Beeson on a superb winning in the recall election. I was Martin’s legal assistant when he first joined the DA’s office as prosecutor for Rifle County Court. Martin was tough on each case, staying focused of each case and paying attention to detail. Martin is a man of integrity who will make the citizens of Garfield, Pitkin, and Rio Blanco counties proud to have him serve as their district attorney. I’m saddened I’m not there to welcome him back where he belongs. Congratulations, Martin.Ginger GentryMidlothian, Texas

Dear Editor,An open letter to Colleen Truden:I voted for your recall, and I want to tell you why. It was because of the large turnover of employees in your office. That fact alone reveals a serious problem with the management. A large employee turnover brings havoc to any operation. You were recalled because you failed to manage your employees. You may be a terrific lawyer and a terrific administrator, but managing people takes tact, caring about others, sensitivity, insight, a willingness to listen, etc. Maybe you feel that a salary is all employees deserve, but they have to feel wanted and that they are part of a team if they are going to stay on the job. It wasn’t the media, and all elected officials have critics. I’m sure you have a lot to contribute to the bettering of society, and hope that you will do a little soul searching and work your way back into public service.Rod SavoyeGlenwood Springs

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