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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

The Barrett gas drilling company should be fined at least $500,000 for their pit fires and noxious gases that erupted recently in Garfield County. Not only has the environment been damaged, but the health and lives of many people have been damaged in this area by the gas drilling companies.

The damage is mounting, ladies and gentlemen. The COGCC needs to be abolished, and all of the illegal permits need to be revoked.

Randy Fricke

Save Colorado Now


Dear Editor,

Regarding the True Value Store closing, I am sincerely sorry about the entire situation and wish all the employees the best of luck.

I have to wonder though, with the article about the homeless just the day before, why are they donating whatever is left to the community of Grand Junction, and not our own?

Kim Pardi


Dear Editor,

Those who excuse the Bush administration for spying on U.S. citizens, claiming that it’s necessary to protect us from terrorist attacks, fail to recognize the possibility that the spying has extended beyond al-Qaida suspects to ordinary citizens, deemed “troublemakers” by the Bush team.

Take my case, for example. I’m a 48-year-old Caucasian woman, who by all outer appearances is no threat to this nation’s security, but in May 2002, I joined a peace organization. I was very vocal in my opposition to the impending war on Iraq, and wrote more than 100 letters to the editors of several newspapers.

I visited Iraq in December 2002 on a peace mission, which was then illegal under economic sanctions. While in Iraq, I made several phone calls home. When I returned to the United States, I exchanged calls and e-mails with Iraqi friends. I also began selling an Iraqi artist’s paintings and wiring the money to her in Baghdad.

Because these actions might have made me the target of a NSA investigation in which secret wiretapping could have occurred, there is the risk of eventual arrest and imprisonment by an administration that considers me a threat to its ability to sustain this illegal and immoral war.

Personally, I would feel better knowing that my case had gone before an FISA court, rather than being left to the discretion of an administration that has repeatedly deceived us, and in trashing our constitutional rights, threatens the very freedom it claims to be protecting.

Sue Gray


Dear Editor,

People gripe and complain about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. They find fault with our lawmakers and our president.

It seems like every time one listens to the news or reads a paper, it’s the bad things we read about.

When you or I go shopping at the grocery store, the mall or a big-box store, how many people have a smile on their faces? How often do we hear laughter there?

I was born in the worst year of the Depression. You people have so much more than my parents had or I had as a child. You have better, more comfortable cars, better houses, more and better appliances and furniture. You have more clothes in the closet.

There is only one thing you don’t have that people in those days had. It was those bygone days when people prayed to our Lord for what they had. It was a time of a strange disease called joy in their lives, and smiling and laughter. More people attended church in those bygone, hard-time days.

We today have the same choices as the people had in those hard times of bygone days.

It is a choice between serving man or serving our Lord Jesus.

Joy and peace of mind comes to those who chose to be willing and obedient to our Lord Jesus. Complete trust in our Lord is faith, and faith brings blessings, including peace of mind and joy.

Jack Gilbertson


Dear Editor,

I very much appreciated reading Judith King’s letter of Dec. 22 about reconciliation, and am very grateful to her for taking the time to write it; what a wonderful story of remorse and restitution that resulted in a new friendship. What an excellent outcome for doing things right. This story points to a better way, an intelligent approach to dealing with differing points of view; perhaps the only way of listening to the content of each other is honest and sometimes deeply held opinions. Thank you.

And also a thank you to the Post Independent. Your “letters to the editor” is what is left of my notion of the old town square; a place where old men talked politics after dinner, the kids played in the park, the mothers talked babies (oh! and politics, too, I’m sorry), and the teenagers stayed out of trouble. And yes, problems with dog care, traffic calming devices, district attorneys, and whatever else we wanted to complain about. But also where thanksgivings were shared, community announcements spread, impending marriages discussed, possible improvements to the town and anything else that seemed of interest to the community. And I suppose gossip, too.

Eric Pedersen

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Can everyone spell recall? Why is it when Colleen Truden did this, all of (former DA) Mac Myers’ employees who are now going back to work for newly elected DA Martin Beeson, wanted a recall?

Yet here he is doing the same thing. Can we spell hypocritical? Just how did Beeson get on that ballot, anyway? When last all of us heard, he didn’t have enough votes.

Should make you all wonder, can you smell something rotten in Glenwood? I sure can.

I am so not thankful that all of you who believed their lies, voted for these hypocrites and now Mac Myers’ way of “business as usual” is now back as status quo.

I cannot believe that no one, from the county commissioners down to us who voted “yes” or “no,” isn’t screaming or asking questions. This is a travesty of justice, and it needs to be looked into.

I just have to ask (new assistant DA) Jeff Cheney: Are you proud of yourself for telling lies just so you could get back into the DA’s office? Carol Koris, are you happy now? I am surprised you are not back in there. How do you people sleep at night, knowing what you did is wrong? Oh wait, you let hardened criminals, drunks, druggies and domestic violence people back out on the street every day without a care or a worry. Who cares, it isn’t your family that this affects, now is it?

Wendy Lough


Dear Editor,

I wanted to let the folks in the Roaring Fork Valley know about a fantastic resource in Gypsum. There is a Habitat for Humanity store located right off the interstate, and they have a great inventory of furniture, appliances and construction supplies that have been donated by homeowners and builders. The prices and selection are great if you are looking to remodel your house. They are open on Fridays and Saturdays, because it is staffed by volunteers.

Please support this business, because they are raising money for a good cause. You can call them at 524-0669.

Steve Coley


Dear Editor,

As a former journalist, if I had a complaint about something in my life, I’d turn to the paper to get my news out. Fortunately, that’s not the case. But since newspapers for many reasons aren’t typically in the “good news” business, I’m using the citizen’s portion of the paper to tell people about a hidden gem in our community.

Nationwide, we hear so much about failing education systems and lagging tests scores that I thought it would be nice to report on a success story. My daughter started kindergarten at St. Stephen’s Catholic School this fall, and I can barely express in words my complete satisfaction with this school.

The small brown building on South Hyland Park Drive may not look like much on the outside, but the amount of care, compassion, vitality, enthusiasm and overall excellence displayed by the educators at this school is overwhelming.

It’s common knowledge that St. Stephen’s students test two grades above the average on a national standardized test administered at the school. What is not known about this Christian school is the personalized attention that each student and family receives, and the positive learning environment uniquely created by Dr. Tom Alby and his staff.

A big public thank-you from the Kelley family.

Anne-Marie Kelley

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

What started as a very bad day Saturday was turned into a great experience, thanks to Jon Lacrosse at Sunlight Mountain Resort. We were heading to Sunlight for our daughter and son’s first day in Buddy Werner, when we discovered our tailgate had come open on our truck somewhere on Midland Avenue, and all their snowboarding gear had fallen out. We immediately backtracked, but the gear was not found. Our kids were heartbroken for losing all their new equipment, most being Christmas presents, and also because they would not be able to board with Buddy Werner.

We headed to Sunlight, hoping someone had picked it up and turned it in to lost and found. That is where we met Jon. He was so upbeat to these bummed out kids, producing helmets, goggles, gloves, snowboard, all the gear they needed in order to still be able to participate in Buddy Werner for the day. What other mountain could you go to and be treated like that? That is part of the beauty of where we live.

Thank you, Jon and Sunlight, for turning this day around for our kids; you are awesome!

There is also a very happy ending to this story, and another prime example of what a wonderful community we live in. Maureen Bailey found our gear and returned it to our children. Thank you for your honesty ” we appreciate it more than we can say.

Vance, Linda, Breanne and Kody Gabossi

Glenwood Springs

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