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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Paul Lerch, in his letter on March 3, gives an insightful argument for supporting the First Amendment whatever the circumstances. I agree, but with the cautionary note that there can be a high price to pay for freedom of speech.

I have received e-mail from Steve Campbell with links to hate sites including Holocaust denial that are illegal in Germany and Austria. A phone conversation with Campbell convinced me of his determination to disseminate these sites whenever and wherever possible. It is likely that Campbell is giving out those links to anyone attending his “Truth about 9/11” screenings at the Glenwood Springs library.

When poison ” whether it is violent pornography, hard drugs or hate sites ” is peddled in a community, they often reach the most susceptible. We don’t have to look very far from home to see the impact that inflaming Web sites can have on alienated youth. Seven years ago, a pair of disturbed adolescents were surfing Neo-Nazi sites and deciding to commemorate Hitler’s birthday at Columbine High School.

I am not advocating curtailing freedom of speech, but I know that the censorship laws in Germany and Austria are the result of bitter lessons from a horrific time. I have no answers, only questions prompted by the chilling knowledge that a disseminator of dangerous material is making public presentations, and participating in public programs of the local peace coalition. That’s a lot of potential for exposure to vicious propaganda. Let’s hope that all those so exposed are sufficiently mature and balanced to rationally evaluate it.

Judith King

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The recent death of Tom Beard, the GOP chair in Garfield County, was a great loss to many.

I only recently moved to this area from North Carolina, and from the letters and comments I have heard, Tom was a good man, doing what he believed in. I do not know very much about him other than that, but I do know the responsibilities and thankless hours of commitment the position he held requires. I honor him for that, and respect him for his willingness to commit his life and time to help turn the wheels of this big country we call America.

We do not all agree, and that is what makes this country great. It is the diversity of opinion that sheds light on different avenues and brings us together on a more unified course. Sometimes it takes a while to get us back on course when we go astray, but Americans like Tom Beard encourage us, and our diversity leads the way.

If we are to apply a label, then I am a liberal Democrat who perhaps knows more than I should about the politics in America today. I would perhaps disagree with a lot of Tom’s positions as well as support others, but I would like to think I would do it all with respect.

I wish to give my regrets to his family and honor his service to his party and country.

Jim Childers

New Castle

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