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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Why is nothing being said about the companies and individuals that are employing illegal immigrants?

Without the capability of employment, illegal immigrants would not be able to stay and live in our country. I know that illegal immigrants claim that they are only doing jobs that white men won’t do. I believe that they are not even given the opportunity to take the job and are being passed over so the job can be given to someone the employer knows they can pay less, not have to carry workmen’s comp on, will not have to pay into unemployment compensation, won’t have to deal with Occupational Safety and Health Administration if they get hurt working or deal with issues of discrimination. If it were a felony to hire an illegal immigrant, then they would be forced to become legal in order to get a job, and we would not be dealing with what we are dealing with now.

The government needs to address not only the millions living and working here illegally, they also need to address the companies that are giving them the ability to do so.

Samantha Harrison


Dear Editor,

I would like to let everyone out there know that getting a disorderly conduct ticket might sound a lot worse than what the actual action could be. My disorderly conduct ticket from last week (at 8:11 a.m.) resulted from giving an immature older guy, 53, the bird after he rudely laid on his horn at me. Apparently stopping for pedestrians crossing the street to go to work is an unimaginable thing for some people. (Even though it only takes a whole five seconds to stop and let an individual cross the street.)

Also, I would like to note that pedestrians do have the right of way in the city of Glenwood Springs. This guy then proceeded to follow me into a parking lot to get out of his truck so he could yell, cuss and call names and end up with an assault charge.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Glenwood Springs Police Department for feeling that this story was the most interesting thing that happened for them last week and they had to release it to the press.

Amanda Martin


Dear Editor,

This letter is a “heads up” to the residents of the Rifle/Silt area. A plan has recently emerged that affects the future of the river valley between Rifle and Silt. How about gravel pits running almost continuously from the southern entrance to Rifle all the way to Silt?

Do you like that idea? Someone who stands to make a bundle of money selling gravel to the gas industry sure does. If allowed to fully develop, the plan, as it was presented to the Grand Valley Citizens Alliance at our last meeting, will turn the river bottom into an almost endless gravel pit for the seven-mile stretch between those two towns. As citizens, you owe it to the future of your home and to your children to find out about this plan and who is behind it. Ask who stands to profit and what is their connection to the county commissioner who will be asked to approve this assault on the Colorado River.

The Grand Valley Citizens Alliance is opposed to this development plan, and will work to stop this wholesale destruction of the Colorado riverfront for the extreme profit of a small handful of opportunistic developers. Please get educated and involved now. It will soon be too late.

Duke Cox


Grand Valley Citizens Alliance

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