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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Town Mothers seem to be complaining about anything that gets proposed for the Crystal River Marketplace site. Well, if you stop and look at the situations, it’s just not true.

1. They fundamentally agreed with the first building site proposal, but recommended a 60,000-square-foot building cap, while choking on the 12-plex cinema complex.

2. They fundamentally agreed with something being built on the site this second time around, but more in line with the 60,000-square-foot building cap, this time choking on the 125,000-square-foot proposed bigger box. Glenwood’s Wal-Mart is only 110,000 square feet. The largest mall in America is only 10 times larger that this whole Marketplace proposed mall.

3. The last time I checked, 24 percent of our existing shopping mall spaces were vacant. What is one more mall, and a mega mall, going to do to that, to you, to me?

Check Newsweek magazine’s June 3, 2002, issue on pages 36 and 37. Wal-Mart is leading the country with small neighborhood market stores of about 50,000 square feet, with over 50 of them now. Best Buy and Home Depots have come up with stores half their usual size in some urban areas. Target, Kohl’s and Toys “R” Us are considering following this trend.

Don’t forget Carbondale is barely some 6,000 people. The Town Mothers do know what they want and what Carbondale needs and we are letting you know. Vote no.

Doc Philip, Town Mother


Dear Editor,

I feel the need to once again voice my opinion about the war in Iraq.

Our government now has a bounty of $25 million for Saddam. Am I the only person in America that feels this is stupid?

We gave Saddam and his sons five days to leave Iraq before we attacked Iraq, and now we wonder where he is and have to offer more American dollars to find him?

I support our men and women in the services 100 percent, but I say again, end this war. It is stupid, expensive and has done nothing but cause death, destruction and dismay.

I read headlines that say “Another Vietnam.” I watch the rebuilding of Iraq and see them spit and yell and throw things at our servicemen and women, who are cleaning up our mess.

I see the faces of moms and dads who have sons and daughters dying for a cause I do not believe in.

The Eagles have a new song out called “There’s a hole in the world tonight” and it states a beautiful line: “Don’t let there be a hole in the world tomorrow.”

Please listen to the songs of peace, love and understanding and support the end to world hatred now.

Lori Bennett


Dear Editor,

Carbondale voters beware. Don’t be fooled by promises of representatives of the Crystal River Marketplace.

If these developers are like the others, you won’t end up getting later what is promised today.

Look at Glenwood Meadows. Promises made by Leslie Bethel and her cohorts of wrap-around buildings to hide big boxes, and no sea of blacktop and cars, and all the amenities they promised that would make this development different than the ordinary mall have changed and will now probably be thrown out.

The developers are back with a new (but worse) plan, to accommodate the two anchor stores, Target and Lowe’s. No more wrap-around stores and, of course, more blacktop and parking spaces.

I remember the Glenwood Springs City Council telling citizens not to worry.

This was an annexation and promises would be kept.

Now, it seems that all the hundreds of residents who spent years trying to stop this development will have to come back again.

Who will get their way? Residents of Glenwood who must spend the day at work trying to make a living, and then an enormous amount of time attending more planning commission and council meetings to fight the fight a third time?

Or the developers and their hired hands whose only high paying job is to sell city officials on their “new and better plan,” with the threat of lost sales taxes if this plan is not accepted.

What do you think?

Sheila Markowitz

Glenwood Springs

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