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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This letter is to all the women out there who are single moms. It may even apply to single dads, too. Don’t let yourself and your family become a statistic. To heck with the experts, numbers, and anyone else who thinks we can’t give our children what they need.

I was highly offended by the article written by Kathleen Parker about single moms not being able to keep a man for whatever reason. What in the world does she, or anyone that thinks like her, know? We are the ones that are in the situation, and she didn’t seem to be there talking to the women who are like me. What about the numbers? Isn’t psychology more advanced now? Why are we still blaming the mother for anything that goes astray in life today? What about the deadbeat dad that won’t lift a finger to support his kids? What about the men who refuse to be responsible for their actions? What about the women who would have kept the man, but the man was too busy running in the other direction?

Society seems to be way too eager to beat down the people who are doing the best they can. You can point your finger at a single mom and say horrid things to her, and about her, but the dad … who no doubt was involved in the conception of the child as well, is no where in the area. We can’t run away from the consequences of our actions. It is our body that changes and carries the baby. Oh, and if the woman tries to be as careless as the guy and get an abortion, then she is a murderer. She can’t win.

So to the rest of the women out there with your head down, not meeting the accusing glare of society, look up! Be proud! Be proud of your children. We are strong. We can raise children who turn out fine.

And to psychologists, and people who think like Kathleen Parker, perhaps the next time you come across a single mom, you can think of something less ignorant to say.

Hillary Pyle


Dear Editor,

In response to Annig Raley’s letter on Wednesday, May 31, regarding Heidi Rice’s column ” breathe! I found that column (as I do all of her columns) very refreshing, just as I do yoga. If you expect a humor column to represent and advertise your view of what yoga is all about, you’re looking in the wrong place. As the old saying goes, “If we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?”

If someone is taking Heidi’s views in a serious light and being “influenced” by them, they need more than yoga (and another glass of wine and cigarette). Judging from your letter of complaint about the article, I would say you need to “lighten up!”

In “this chaotic, time-frenzied world,” as you say, I think sarcasm and humor is exactly what we need. I don’t see any negativity at all in the column, as you imply. I think if you spent a little time opening your humor chakra, the world may not seem so chaotic and frenzied, or at least you may be able to chuckle about it once in awhile, anyhow.

Breathe in all that you consider good, exhale all that you consider the other.

Daniel C. MacEncletus


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