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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,In my opinion, I dont agree with the new law in Colorado. I dont think its fair for the immigrants (including all races) to be denied public services and others. The reason is that its not fair. Even though immigrants may not be legal citizens of the United States, they all pay taxes, and all that money benefits the U.S. citizens. Much of the immigrants money is invested in nursing homes, and that benefits U.S. citizens. When it comes to war, they dont even consider the thought that immigrants are most of their army population. All those people out there fighting for another country, just because they want to become citizens and have more rights. Most of the farm, construction, housekeeping, fast food restaurants, etc. are immigrants; and because the new law says a lot of them will be losing their jobs, the state is going to end up more affected than all of those people. Thats when they will see who are the ones that need them the most.Magaly LozanoRifle

Dear Editor,Its amazing how the politicians are now blaming all of our nations problems on the illegal immigrants. Sounds as if they want to divert our attention away from the Iraq war, and it seems to be working. Every newspaper is now headlining Illegal Immigration, Deport illegal immigrants, etc.All of you had better watch it. You may be biting off your noses to spite your faces. With the immigrants gone, who will do all of your dirty work, like clean your houses and your hotels, who will pull our weeds? Who will dig your ditches and do all of your work that no one else will do? Surely not any American I know, because they hire immigrants to do these jobs. So, be careful what you wish for! Youll all be doing the dirty work yourselves, or paying an American four times what youre paying an immigrant.Lisa Adams HarndenRifle

Dear Editor, Regarding your story of illegal aliens in the July 16 edition, I would like to state that I feel it is about time for someone in our government to address this fiasco.Illegal: against the law. Does anyone have a problem with that concept? Are we going to begin to reward all law breakers with citizenship, food stamps, medicaid, housing subsidies and a plethora of other entitlement programs that the taxpayers end up paying for? We are either a country of laws or we are not. Do all of We the People get to cherry-pick which laws we will follow? I am sure Mr. Gould likes this arrangement. Cheap labor, more money in his pocket. If his laborers are here by his sponsorship they would be legal, so I would advocate sponsorship. I believe some form of that procedure is available presently. Illegal, however, should not be rewarded with amnesty or entitlements. McKenzie RichardsSilt

Dear Editor,The greatest authority on this planet, the Holy Bible, warns us concerning oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith (I Timothy 6:20b, 21). Evolution is an attack of man to eliminate God in the creation of the universe. Without a holy, sovereign being, man is accountable to no one for his actions. He can then be left alone to do as he pleases without moral law or consequences for breaking that law. Just take a look at our present society. Corruption and immorality prevail. The reason may be found in what we teach or what we are allowing our children to be taught.Keith WoodSilt

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in regards to certain people who do not have any thoughts on how a person is going to feel after taking something of theirs from their rose garden. On the weekend of July 8, a real good friend of mine came to visit me. I had just bought some Betty Boop signs, and my husband displayed them in my rose garden. One of the signs said Betty Boop Boulevard, the other was a silhouette of Betty Boop. On the morning of July 9, my husband noticed that it was gone, post and all. I hope that whoever took this from me is a collector of Betty Boop items like I am. I have been a collector of Betty Boop since I was a teenager. I hope that someday the thief will have the same heart-tearing feeling that I had after they took my sign. My husband was really mad, but all I wanted to do was cry, because someone took a very big part of me and my collection. I live in Apple Tree Park, so if the thief, or if someone else has seen it, would please return it to the office and no questions will be asked.Lorene ONealNew Castle

Dear Editor,I appreciated John Schroyers article on the Wild and Scenic open house held by the BLM last week, but I would like to clear up some misquotes and places where Mr. Schroyer misunderstood what I was trying to say.First, while the water in Colorados rivers does belong to the people, they do not have any form of collective right to that water. I was explaining to Mr. Schroyer that Colorado does not have a public trust doctrine as many other states do, providing a public interest in what happens to a river. Unfortunately there is no such general public right to the water or the health of rivers in Colorado. Maybe its time we did. Secondly, Id like to clear up the statement about landowners not having rights to the water running through their land. The law regarding such matters is quite clear and unambiguous. Rights exist through diversion and proper adjudication. You may have a wonderful stream on your property, but unless you have proper rights, you may not be able to take any of it. The Colorado Constitution clearly says that the right to divert water for a beneficial use shall never be denied. Whether you can divert or not depends on your rights, if any.What I was talking about were requirements sometimes placed by federal agencies for by-pass flows from diversions built on public land. While I and others believe that the agencies have the right to require such by-pass flows, others do not. Thats where the argument about legality lies, not in the right to divert the water. There is also a similar argument about Federal Reserve rights and whether the federal government has any inherent rights from when national forests, monuments and parks were created and which havent been adjudicated through water court.Given all that, status as a Wild & Scenic River would help us protect the upper Colorado and its tributaries, and help us keep what little is left.Ken Neubecker Carbondale

Dear editor, After reading Bob Andersons proof that Global Warming is a hoax, I need to comment. Scientists have always had disagreements about most anything like the church there is no consensus. Even the bible is a contradiction when quoted out of context. You can always bank on one thing written evidence can always be traced to a covert agenda involving money. Pictures do not lie, though. Many of our glaciers, lakes, fertile land and ice caps are gone in a time frame of 30 or 40 years. And it is rapidly accelerating, about two seasons with drastically less water and it is gone!Did man cause it? Only a fool would believe that we dont contribute greatly and like a top that slows down it goes out-of-balance very quickly. Seems to me that if the possibility exists for our children and grand children to face peril we would get concerned! Unless of course you believe that the good looking, long-haired hippie (you know, the pictures of Jesus) will appear and magic Id suggest that satan will not show-up in red underwear and horns and a tail!Ray BrooksSilt

Dear Editor,Contrary to statements made in several recent letters, I never suggested or proposed that our military attack the White House. My exact words were, If our military were to attack Washington DC and capture or kill the terrorists residing in the White House, they would be defending our freedom! illustrating the fact that our freedom is threatened more by our own government than the terrorists. Anyone who believes that the impotent punk bin Laden has the capability to take over the U.S. and impose his will on the American people is simply delusional. They also lack confidence in our military to protect us from such a scenario; ergo they dont support the troops. And anyone who defends the immoral and illegal actions of the Bush administration by the propaganda tool, theyre fighting for our freedom, doesnt deserve to be a U.S. citizen.Half a century after WWII people all over the world question why the German citizens didnt do anything to stop their countrys leader from his mad power grab. Half a century from now people will be asking the same of us. I hope Mr. Moolick, Mr. Blankenship, et al will have a good response ready.Sue GrayCarbondale

Dear Editor,My comments are a response to many of the unfounded, unbased, and biased comments made by Mr. Anderson in his editorial of July 19.First of all, his comments would never hold water in a logical debate, as he comes across with various unwarranted assumptions of which he accuses others. Secondly, his analogies appear to compare topics that relate as do apples to oranges totally irrelevant to his proposed assumptions.My response: Whatever the origins, climate change is real, as certain facts do exist, such as melting glaciers, hotter temperatures and more severe weather episodes occurring. Are these myths? No, they constitute reality, and the basic human impulse of the past has been to want to do something to correct or soften the impact of any detrimental changes for humanity, whether human made or naturally occurring, and not to persist in a continual head in the sand approach to the climate changes already occurring or that may occur. Also, computer models are often wrong, because they are programmed by fallible humans who are capable of mistakes. However, they have also proven useful in crunching facts and figures to formulate trends.Finally, Mr. Anderson has not abided by the parameters of engaging in an objective scientific debate on this topic, therefore many of the conclusions he reached are invalid.Dr. Mike WadykoGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor:The city needs to give Mr. Hecksel an application for affordable housing that is to be built at the Meadows development.That way, maybe some will actually be built, instead of city council and the powers that be giving developer Mr. Macgregor a pass again and letting him build 12 trophy homes instead of 150 affordable homes.Should we cry for Mr. Hecksel with a salary like that? How about teachers, and police officers Lets talk about nurses and day care providers, do you think any of them make over 100 grand, Mr. Hecksel?Youre the city manager, fix it for everyone. Not just yourself.Oh, by the way, welcome to Glenwood.Brad GatesGlenwood Springs

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