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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

Property owners of Garfield County, do you own more than one property in the county you think are separate parcels because you acquired them separately and intend to sell one without selling the other? Think again! The county assessor with the planning department arbitrarily rewrites history and deeds without notice or authority by merging several parcels from different deeds into one large parcel. Because of this, I am not allowed to execute my father’s estate as he wanted.

Seven months ago the assessor, who determines property valuation, said they wouldn’t assign a parcel number to a recorded deed. When I questioned their authority to do this, I was referred to the planning department, who monitors growth. Despite a commissioner’s intervention, both departments refuse to take any action and said my only recourse was to litigate.

The county relied on a subdivision lot “definition” to merge contiguous parcels under the same name. The assessor erred in their map so all parcels merged weren’t contiguous. There’s no county rule, ordinance or adopted resolution to govern the procedure. Still, the county just did it.

There was no request from us and no recorded deed changes to allow merger into one 188-acre parcel. The county changed legal documents without any legal process. Their actions prevent my selling the property as purchased.

It’s been costly in stress, time and money.

The county’s been inconsistent in their application of this definition. Others with much smaller, more numerous, yet contiguous parcels under the name were not merged allowing sales where I cannot.

This discrimination and illegal action needs to be corrected. Why must I litigate to correct county errors? I know I am not the only one affected. If you have been adversely treated as I have or just think the county’s actions are wrong, I need to hear from you immediately. Perhaps if there is enough of an outcry, the county will reconsider their position and right this injustice.

Marion J. Wells


Dear Editor,

Locally, here of late, we have had quite the discourse between the fundamentalist religious/political conservatives, the self described only true patriots; and those they are wont to characterize as godless, liberal, leftists, traitors, etc. Has anyone noticed the dichotomy of these lovely people? These self-styled Christian/Patriots condemn, judge and throw stones at anyone who doesn’t kow-tow to their narrow minded, bigoted, ignorant bias. They would send all of us who disagree with them to Ireland, in my case, Saudi Arabia for Sue Gray, and no doubt; others, to Africa if they could.

The immensity of ignorance and conceit hereby demonstrated; is a microcosm of the religious/political disaster in the world of today. It is precisely what our self aggrandizing but oh so incompetent, fascist leadership puts forward each day. It is the image of America that they have projected to the World.

How difficult is it to see that religion, in particular, has no place in politics? The gross ignorance depicted by the those who object to the mural of Prometheus, prevent stem cell research; and who would force the idiocy of “Creation Science” upon our children; is the same mind set that is currently making policy in Washington in an attempt to deal with the real world. It is past time to take America back from these crusaders and fools.

“The tendency to turn human judgment into divine commands makes religion one of the most dangerous forces in the world.” ” Georgia Harkness.

R.W. Boyle

Glenwood Springs

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