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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It seems our president is determined to shove Senate Bill 1348 down our throats. This bill was shut down by the Senate last week. It was voted against by several Democrats (who should be commended for their courage) and the Republicans.

The press has led people to believe that Americans are almost split 50/50 on this issue, but the truth is that nearly 70 percent are against the bill, and 23 percent are in favor. The other 7 percent have no idea what Senate Bill 1348 is.

If there was ever a time to let your president and senators know how you feel about immigration, now is the time.

Sen. Salazar of this state has consistently voted against any bill that would stop the flood of illegal aliens into this country. Sen. Wayne Allard has stood tough and voted against this bill. The president is sure to put pressure on Sen. Allard, so call him and ask him to hold the line.

I watched a PBS film on the building of the ALCAN highway Monday night. It was accomplished in eight months by American soldiers fearing an invasion by Japan. The ALCAN is 1,520 miles long. The United States/Mexico border is 1,951 miles in length, yet the invasion of 15 to 20 million illegal aliens causes no alarm in Washington, even after Sept. 11.

This issue goes beyond Democrats, Republicans, Independents or whatever party you may be associated with. This president and the senate need to hear from you and how you feel about this bill, but please shout as loud as you can because some of them, including the president, may be suffering from a severe case of cranial-rectal inversion and can’t hear you.

Sen. Allard’s phone number is (202) 456-1414. Sen. Salazar’s number is (202) 224-5852. The White House comment number is (202) 456-1111.

Norm Shroll

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

According to the National Geographic Magazine, July 2002, Nuclear Waste Seeking Solutions for the U.S.A.:

1. High-level waste ” spent fuel from nuclear reactors 52,000 tons of plutonium production: 91 million gallons.

2. Transuranic waste ” contaminated clothing, tools, etc.: 11.3 million cubic feet buried at government sights.

3. Low and mixed low-level ” includes radioactive and hazardous waste from hospitals and research institutions and decommissioned power plants: 472 million cubic feet.

4. Uranium mill tailings ” residues from the extraction of uranium ore: 265 million tons.

5. Some nuclear waste containers can last 10,000 years if undisturbed; however nuclear waste will be active and deadly for 48,000 years. We have no solutions.

6. Except for hospitals or peaceful research, the production of nuclear waste must be stopped everywhere. Please petition the United Nations.

Eloise Ilgen


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