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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I admit I am only 81 years old and my memory is not all-inclusive, but I cannot remember any President of the United States that has been exposed to such unwarranted open hate and venom as President Bush and his administration are experiencing now.

Recent cartoons and letters printed in the Post Independent and other news outlets parrot the line that President Bush and his administration lied, that they wage war on their own volition and that there is a profit motive to the entire program. Completely untrue.

It would seem that there is no recognition that a radical faction of the Islamic religion does exist and there were weapons that killed, in the name of their religion, thousands of people both here and abroad. By just reading unbiased news reports, we should be aware that the killing and attempted killing happened and continues not just in Iraq, but in other areas of the world.

Our Congress is being held captive by leaders of the House and Senate. Pelosi and Reid, the untrained, self-proclaimed military experts, think the path to take is surrender, withdrawing combat troops, leaving unprotected trainers and other personnel in place and deserting the people on the ground that risked all to support our agenda of peace and self-government.

In my memory, there is no recollection of a hate so deeply ingrained in some citizens and legislators of our nation against a president. People are willing to abandon a fight for our very way of life and the investment we have made here at home and abroad in that fight.

My hope is that Congress will stop the posturing and childish tricks (like sleepovers) and get down to taking care of the business of the nation. Stowing the hatred and self-promotion on both sides of the aisle in Congress can only benefit our country and its people.

People, my advice is mellow out, chill out, drop the hate and think of constructive suggestions and contributions that will advance the safety and prestige of your homeland.

Jack E. Blankenship

Battlement Mesa

Dear Editor,

The article Dennis Webb recently wrote regarding the Roan Plateau was by far the most succinct and well-versed that has been published.

What must follow is pointing out that the Bureau of Land Management now asks for volunteers to assist them in marking trails. This agency has profited grossly by leasing our public lands, and now wants us to assist them in providing better access to gas industry destruction.

My family, friends and neighbors say, “Absolutely not!”

Rhonda Bell


Dear Editor,

Considering traffic and affordable housing woes in the Roaring Fork Valley and surrounding area, how about a couple of simple solutions? Company housing and increased promotion of bicycle use and healthy (active) lifestyles?

Dale Reed

Glenwood Springs

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