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Letters to the Editor

Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Dear Editor,

After reading Jackie Yadloski’s letters, I have realized there is still a lot of stereotyping, prejudice and racism out there.

I am glad the police officer did not got killed, and that the responsible parties for the crime are being captured. I don’t agree that if a Hispanic commits a crime, the rest of the Hispanic population must be seen as criminals, too.

We don’t have to pay for the crimes of others. Everyone is an individual human being who is responsible for his own acts.

Most Hispanics come to this country to find a better future for their loved ones, and don’t risk their lives crossing the border to commit crimes.

Why don’t we mention when Hispanics do good things to the community? For example, Oct. 24, 2006, State Patrol trooper Brian Koch was shot by an Anglo in Silt. Armando Bencomo and Cruz Figueroa-Alvarez first came to his rescue and placed a tourniquet on his arm to control the bleeding. They both were Hispanic, and they didn’t think twice before they helped Koch.

I would like to know where Jackie got her “facts,” if that’s what she calls them. These facts are stereotypes that I have heard throughout my entire life.

First of all, if Hispanics work with an invalid Social Security Number, their employers have to withhold taxes from their checks. Everyone who owns a car has to have their vehicle registered to obtain license plates, or they can be a perfect target for police. No one that I know sends $1,000 a month to their country, especially if they are earning low wages.

If you are worried what language to speak, I do recommend to take a Spanish class, because being bilingual is a privilege and opens a lot of doors to your future.

Gladys Diaz

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I would simply like to say that my letter published the other day was in no way directed at Mr. Mancinas or any other Latino, “illegal” or not, who is not committing these crimes.

I myself have several friends who are living here to better themselves and their families, and they are doing a great job.

The point that I obviously didn’t get across with my letter is, we all have to live here together. So wouldn’t it make sense to make life easy for everyone, if we all spoke the same language or at least tried to, and treated one another with respect?

You should take pride in your race, culture, self and family. The few individuals who are causing problems and committing the crimes are messing things up for everyone.

I would like apologize for my previous letter coming off so harshly toward the Latino community that is not involved in the crimes being committed and those already committed.

I still choose to stand strong when it comes to voicing my opinions on foreign language classes in our schools and territorial/racial violence in the schools and community.

Shannon McKenna


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