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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I usually read the “Letters to the Editor” each morning, and I am continuously amazed at the depth of knowledge of the writers.

Here we sit in the middle of the country and the middle of the mountains, and yet there are people who intimately know the heart of our leaders and apparently have access to better information than they do. I am also dumbfounded that so many well-meaning people believe and trust the major news networks.

I guess I could be one of those dangerous Christian conservatives. I pray for my president, and I deeply appreciate the soldiers who are dedicated to making our life safer and more secure.

I keep hearing the liberals rant about the “powerful, well-funded Christian right,” and I would join if I could find it. Could someone send me an address, a copy of their budget and the name of the organizations leader?

Forgive me for closing by quoting Ecclesiastes 10:2: “A wise man’s heart inclines him toward the right, but a fools heart toward the left.”

Remember if your position is weak, call your opponent a right-wing liar and blame President Bush.

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle

Dear Editor,

A detailed report released by the U.S. Army War College confirmed that the invasion of Iraq was yet another strategic blunder in the war on terrorism and has worsened U.S. security rather than making us safer.

The report shows how the Bush administration’s conception of combating terrorism as a traditional war based in the overly simplified framework of a struggle of good vs. evil led to major strategic mistakes that have actually decreased the security of our country.

The most detrimental perception championed by the Bush White House is that you can declare war on terrorist organizations using the same deterrence model that you use with nations. The terrorist threat facing the United States is an ideology, not a rogue nation.

You cannot deter terrorists by threatening to kill the populace of their country, destroy their resources or invade their country. The report showed that by engaging in traditional warfare in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the current administration actually helped reinforce the terrorists’ portrayal of the United States and aided in stoking the ideology of hatred that provides the terrorist organizations with their sustenance.

The conflict in Afghanistan scattered the al-Qaida leadership, creating a new type of organization that is more flexible, elusive and dangerous. Certainly, the reckless military endeavors of this administration have misappropriated valuable defense resources, decreased our security, and weakened crucial international support at a great cost in lives and tax dollars.

Thank you,

Ryan Conrad

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Please tell Hal Sundin, “Great column,” on Jan. 22. He is right on target with his personal attacks observations, in which letter writers delight in questioning the intelligence and making derogatory remarks about the ancestry of letter writers with whom they disagree.

I fully love a great debate, I think they are fun. I react with extreme distaste when people personally attack well-read polite people such as Bob Anderson, Sue Gray and Marc Richardson.

Yes, the writers need to stick with facts, and if they don’t have them ” stay out of the fray. They don’t have a prayer in a debate and the results are as follows: It turns off the intelligent readers of the Post.

Marty Lich


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