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Letters to the Editor

Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Dear Editor,

My girlfriends and I just celebrated 40 years of friendship this past week. It is the one thing in life that I have never second-guessed. We are a group of women who have been together from first grade.

The morning after I got back home, I wrote this e-mail to the “girls,” and they were all so touched I thought I would share it:

Some thoughts to ponder: Just back from a long weekend with my lifelong friends. Love is too small a word for something so wonderful and grand. True friendship has no boundaries, rules or end. When you are sad or broken, pray with someone who loves you. When you need to “get real” about yourself, let your good friends scold you. Let your friends help, they not only want to, they need to. It is easier for someone to cry in a room full of love. A group of friends having fun attracts a crowd, it gives hope. When you are stuck in the muck of life, sing. When you are joyous in life, sing louder. The person you rivaled in high school may just be the person who understands you best, get past the crap. Pet spiders in a jar do not survive house-sitting, some things in life are just for you. Silly nicknames make you smile. Laughter really is the best medicine. The best way to defeat your enemy is have a great day no matter what he hits you with. The great spirit, our Father in Heaven, wants you to enjoy this day so just ask, and he will bless you. Hug a friend.

Virginia Dupew


Dear Editor,

September is decision month on continuing our occupation of Iraq, now going on 41⁄2 years, at a cost of $449.5 billion, with Colorado’s share $6.87 billion. The Bush administration is expected to ask for $143 billion to $193 billion more in another supplemental appropriation. This would be on top of our annual military budget of approximately $460 billion. Congress can end the occupation/war by voting down this appropriation.

There is enough money already allocated to safely phase our troops out of Iraq. Iraqis tell me there could be more bloodshed when we leave, but they will work things out ” we are just prolonging the violence.

Do not be fooled by the double talk of people, like Rep. Mark Udall, who say, “I do not support the Iraq war,” but vote for appropriations to fund it. One funds what one supports.

I support our troops, but by bringing them home and ending the suffering.

As of Sept. 6, 3,760 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq; at least 27,767 wounded; and 297 killed in Afghanistan. Plus a minimum of 71,302 Iraqis killed, but the number is more likely around a million, with over 4 million displaced from their homes.

Call your Senators (Ken Salazar and Wayne Allard) and Representatives (John Salazar and Mark Udall) at the Congressional switchboard (202) 224-3121, and ask them to vote against the supplemental appropriation.

Cathleen Krahe


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