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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,I don’t believe what kind of ethics the Rifle police department lives by. I was enjoying camping with friends in Rifle Mountain Park Labor Day weekend, and was asleep when we were disturbed by an officer at 3 a.m., checking for camping passes. What kind of person feels it necessary to disturb people at that time of the morning, when all you’re trying to do is rest and relax for the weekend? Where are the morals of these officers, and what gives them the right to wake people at such an untimely hour of the morning? Just because he has nothing better to do shouldn’t mean he’s allowed to do this to others. If he wanted to check passes, he could have come back at another time a little more suitable for everyone involved. This incident should warrant a public apology for this inconsiderate act, and should be considered disturbing the peace by the officer involved. I should only hope the officer who showed up at 3 a.m. gives more consideration to his actions in the future. Perhaps the park should be turned back over to the state to run it, if this is the kind of treatment you get from the city of Rifle. I understand the need to check for camping passes, but it shouldn’t be at 3 a.m., when all we were trying to do is have a fun and relaxing weekend! Gary ShawSilt

Dear Editor,Also addressed: Parks & Recreation Department and Chamber of Commerce:I am a resident of Glenwood Springs, and I would like to make you aware of the content of the two conferences that are booked at the Parks and Recreation Department building on Tuesday, Sept. 11. Clickclub/Clickincome/Clicksitebuilder is a moneymaking scam. First of all, Clickincome is not a member of the Better Business Bureau, which should tell you something right there. They have an unsatisfactory record with the BBB, and the BBB has processed a total of 171 complaints about this company in the last 36 months.The main reason that I am concerned about this is that I don’t think it gives Glenwood Springs a good image. Having the conference at the Parks and Recreation building makes it seem as if Parks and Rec is endorsing it, and therefore Glenwood Springs is endorsing it. Most of the people who live in this community are trusting people, due to the nature of this town. Therefore, the majority of the people who show up to this seminar will believe what the salesperson is telling them, fall for the scam, and lose their money. Please take the facts into consideration, and reconsider hosting this company in Glenwood Springs. If these people are able to take money from even a few unsuspecting residents of this town, they will keep coming back, as will other crooks looking to make a quick and dishonest buck. We already have gangs infiltrating this town, and we do not need to invite scam artists into the community as well.Thank you for you time and assistance in this matter. Heather R. BrookmanGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this equation? America has always been a melting pot, yet out of all the nationalities, our children are required to take Spanish in school. Many corporations want their employees to be bilingual.We border with Canada, but we’re not required to speak French. We took the land away from the Indians and forbid them to speak their own languages (over 200).When I was in school, we were told that German was the second-most prevalent language. So, I ask you, what’s up? Why are we catering to one group of people?I have friends all over the world. When they are here, they will not indulge in their homeland language out of respect. I must confess, whenever I am approached by someone who speaks Spanish, I reply back in German or French. I also have an acquaintance whose response to the same situation is, “Sucks to be you.”Karen ShroyerSilt

Dear Editor,Ms. Mildred Baumli considers President Bush’s trip to Iraq as a photo op and a secret meeting. She apparently considers the secrecy preceding the trip, a lack of manhood on his part since she quotes a fellow traveler as disparaging the president for not “going in like a man.” She also has a bug about the fact he didn’t go into Baghdad. First, no United States dignitary, media star or self-appointed expert on the war broadcasts, in advance, his visit to Iraq. Additionally, Baghdad is the safest place to go. At least my grandsons on the ground so advise me.Now, Ms. Mildred, I would say to you that President Bush’s trip was to gather information directly from people on the ground, since he certainly can’t rely on information that comes from self-appointed Congressperson strategy experts and those in the country’s hinterlands, who are promoting surrender to terrorists.Against tremendous pressure from the doomsayers and surrender-at-any-price faction, President Bush and his advisers resist the political pressure, receive information and recommendation from experienced military people and others in the field; and based on that knowledge make decisions they firmly believe are in the best interests of our troops and the United States of America. What more could we ask?Ms. Mildred, have you seen the archenemy of all freedom-loving people, Osama bin Laden, “go in like a man” and meet with anybody? Have you seen him appear in person, meet face-to-face with the world press or any world organization? If you have, let it be known. Most of us know who is a real man and who is not.Jack BlankenshipBattlement Mesa

Dear Editor,I am compelled to share some ongoing observations because informed people make better decisions, and because the truth requires a witness.Within every event resides its cause and effect, its “truth.” That truth is woven into the fabric of the cosmos, and as such is intuited by sentient beings. The Buddha said, “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”On 9/11/01, I witnessed a massively-staged event. Built to withstand multiple impacts of 707s (Science News), the two asbestos-sick towers of the World Trade Center (WTC), deemed health liabilities (AP, Science News), and WTC Building 7, collapsed, free-falling into their footprints in obvious controlled demolition. Larry Silverstein, lessee of the WTC, in a TV interview reported he received the order to “pull” or blow up, Building 7. In May 01, the WTC towers had passed from NYC Port Authority into Silverstein’s control, and were insured against acts of terrorism by a 15-million-dollar rider. A court awarded Silverstein a 7-billion-dollar settlement for ‘Duel Acts’ (AP).By December, the new WTC opened in Shanghai, China. Its aeronautical design has a large hole in the top half of its height (Science News). Our only responsibility to life is to be a witness for the truth.John HoffmannCarbondale

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