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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Regarding the front page article in Thursday’s Post Independent, on plans to produce natural gas from the area surrounding the Project Rulison nuclear test site: Stephen Flaherty, of Nobel Energy, seeks to ease the fears of contamination from residual radiation by stating that the area has been studied for 38 years, and there’s nothing to worry about. The Grand Valley Citizens Alliance (GVCA) has been following this issue for years, and I was not aware of any recent studies of this, or any other nature. Perhaps Mr. Flaherty would be kind enough to share these studies he refers to with the GVCA at their next meeting (7 p.m. second Tuesday of every month at the Rifle Senior Center). Because, my impression is that Project Rulison is the DOE’s baby, and they’re not saying one way or the other. Personally, I’m looking for more than “trust us,” especially coming from the gas industry.Bob UteschNew Castle

Dear Editor,I spent a little more than four hours at the Garfield County Planning and Zoning meeting last night. I sat through three different agenda items. The discussions were sometimes tedious, often involved complex issues, and of limited interest to most GarCo residents. I want to compliment the P & Z members present last night. They paid attention, they asked pertinent questions to gain understanding and/or clarification, they responded to citizen concerns, they rewrote complex conditions on the spot. I was impressed. These people are volunteers doing difficult work, and they were good! And I thank them for their professionalism and their efforts.Jim AustinGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,It seems to me that there is a very simple solution to the “illegal” problem. If we do need a guest worker program in this country, let the illegals produce legitimate tax returns, have no violent criminal charges against them, then give them a yearly renewable work visa. If after five years they have learned enough English to pass our immigration tests as every other immigrant has had to do, God bless them! Welcome to America. If they are not paying taxes, the IRS better get off their rear-ends and start doing something. If the illegals don’t have to pay taxes, why should I? If the IRS can’t track down the illegals, they should go after the employers initiating the 1099 subcontractor scam. Bob McCarty Parachute

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