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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Post Independent’s Feb. 18 editorial, “All-asphalt GAPP worth a close look,” leans in the right direction by suggesting that the new surface of Grand Avenue be asphalt rather than concrete. In this writer’s humble opinion, however, we need to look far beyond the choices of paving materials when considering Grand Avenue’s future.

Downtown Glenwood is currently addressing several transportation issues that will bear considerably on its economic well-being ” a well-being that affects all of Glenwood’s citizens. Some have been bandied about for ages, while others are more recent.

Unresolved issues include public parking, the wing street east of the Grand Avenue bridge, the downtown bypass, the 8th Street/Midland Avenue intersection, connecting 8th directly to Midland at some time in the future, the river frontage along 7th Street (especially under the bridge) and, perhaps of most immediate concern, exactly how Grand Avenue will look, feel and function when the makeover is completed.

Of prime importance, as your editorial alluded to, is the well-being of downtown businesses. Still reeling from the impacts of forest fires, water main construction and a sour economy, merchants deserve a breather while preparing for the next round of disruptions well in advance of their onslaught.

Now is not the time for the 30-year makeover of Grand Avenue. Instead, CDOT would be well-served to install the minimal, rather than maximal, makeover and partner with Glenwood to craft a comprehensive long-term plan that will honor the interests of all concerned.

Tom Fleming

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I want to thank the Aspen Wilderness Workshop for their “Save the Roan Plateau” slide show presentation on Tuesday, Feb. 10.

This was an eye-opener for every environmentalist and every citizen who appreciates the beauty of our state.

I advocate saving the entire Western Slope from the endangerment that the Roan Plateau faces. For more information, visit http://www.SaveRoanPlateau.org.

I urge every citizen of the Western Slope to protest this devastation to our land and wildlife. Let’s not give the gas companies a license to ruin Colorado now and for future generations.


Randy Fricke


Dear Editor,

This will probably be the shortest letter I have ever written. Not much more needs to be said, for twice now I have to agree with Hal Sundin’s op-ed piece concerning the immigration mess in this country. He is absolutely right-on with just about everything he said.

The only glaring omission is that he forgot to mention that the Dimmocrats have proposed an immigration policy that goes way beyond the president’s. Mr. Bush excludes blanket amnesty from his program. The Dimms want amnesty and citizenship for all illegals presently in the United States.

That is a major difference. Of course, being the good liberal that he is, Hal could not be expected to admit to that.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

So Saddam had this plan. Another diabolical plot to kill. His genocidal mind always seeking new opportunities to exterminate. But how to pull it off, without any trace of evidence or remorse?

Simple! Just pull the drain plug. That’s right, just drain the marshes.

A whole lifestyle goes away and 40,000 people die as a result. Women, children and old men gone. Birds, fish, tadpoles ” all gone. Didn’t even fire a shot.

I wonder if anyone has thought to put the plug back in?

Dwight Juhl

Glenwood Springs

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