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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Is Karl Oelke for real? He insists opinion letter writers are not entitled to an opinion unless they can back it up with reasons, and then proceeds to give us not one reason for his opinion. His “Reasoning demands evidence,” or “people are more likely to listen” are simply vague academia cop-outs presented to foster a neutral response which shall keep all criticism agreeable.

I disagree with such unfounded broad assumptions. After all, most scientific hypotheses are opinions in search of reason. Should we likewise say all scientists aren’t entitled to intuitive investigation because their opinions lack yet-to-be found reasons?

The facts of the past several decades have shown us that much of the reasons cited for an opinion are usually parroted opinions of others, such as talk radio hosts and other pundits, and not reasonably reasoned out. This brings up the unavoidable truth of whose reasons are to be construed as concrete, or decided as such by whom? History is resplendent with examples of how specifics become simply dangerous because the reasons cited were outside the body of opined evidence.

I believe all opinions are valid, whether or not they cite academics, perchance to fill in the boxes with cliche. We should teach students to think critically and thereby avail themselves of the ability to sift the tares from the wheat themselves. Something (critical thinking) that has been systematically excised from the school system, ever since the psychiatric industry had been allowed access to our children’s minds during the Kennedy administration. An industry arising straight out of 18th century eugenics and social engineering policy, because the framer’s old money (feudal dynasties) still fear the emotional opinions of the masses, they used to disenfranchise themselves from a hands-in-their-pockets king.

Each person has the ability to read or not read the letters printed. The Post Independent should have a policy of limiting redundant subject by the same writer, to allow room for as many voices as possible. For in the age of uninformed information, it is the readers’ duty to decipher propaganda from fact.

Eric Olander

New Castle

Dear Editor,

I am a Korean War Veteran 1950-53. The youngest of us is 74-75 years old.

The only history of the Korean War will be stored at the Korean War National Museum being built in the U.S. This museum is expected to contain memorabilia that will include a variation of so many organizations including troop train and troop ship transportation facilities to the horrendous battles that took place from Pusan, across the 38th Parallel to the final stand of Pork Chop Hill.

I have the only original, lost Korean War Love Songs, which are more than 55 years old. It is my pleasure to permanently exhibit these two 78 rpm records in the Korean War National Museum. I encourage all of my dear friends and fellow veterans, their sons, daughters, relations and all extended family members to learn more about these love songs and the information about the museum.

God bless you all!

Tom Gorman


British Columbia

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