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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In response to the continued bigotry against “Latinos” and “illegals,” in short almost anyone with a Spanish surname, I do not view them all with such hatred and prejudice. Our country has been so entrenched in Mexico’s history and economics, in fact all Latin countries, so a little empathy is called for. I have been to Mexico and Chile, where their cultures seem more vibrant than ours. We look pretty milquetoast compared with the extraordinary architecture, hand crafts, fiestas, music, and my favorite ” the food. Their rich culture is only offset by the prevailing poverty and malnutrition, and difficulty in maintaining a middle class. Alas, the United States historically has been involved in the perpetuation of poverty and malnutrition in these countries. We supported the worst dictators, drug dealers, and so-called presidents who allowed us free reign to extract oil, exploit below minimum-wage workers, and obtain cheap food and other products at the expense of the very people who now are coming illegally over the border for survival. Corporations were placed just over the border so that they do not have to comply with our minimum wage or environmental controls. Recently, the cost of corn products, an important Mexican staple, almost tripled because of our demand for bio-fuels.

If we do not want illegals, why are they employed picking our food, caring for our children, building our mansions, working in our businesses, oil fields, homes, farms, and sweat shops? Meanwhile, back in Mexico, small towns have been drained of laborers, fathers, and husbands; leaving women and children to fend for themselves. Surely some brilliant person will rise up and find a way for us all to live without exploitation. Castigating a people trying to survive is inhumane.

Mexico has experienced its Katrina in the southern state of Tabasco. People cling to life on rooftops. Alligators and poisonous snakes swim the streets, making it difficult at best to leave for food and water. Diseases prevail.

The International Red Cross has a special site just for the Mexican disaster and contributions are tax deductible.

Alice Gustafson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

How dare Governor Ritter give Colorado state employees the right to choose if they wish to be represented by a union. This is unprecedented!

Bob McCarty


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