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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

At the candidates forum on Oct. 8, the following subjects were discussed. I would like to offer my comments on the same subjects:

Affordable housing: We need less talk and more action.

Highway 82 bypass: In the near future, a team of experts will give the city three or four alternatives.

Any one of these would be acceptable, but the City Council will not choose one of them because it would be blamed for any choice it made. For that reason, the voters should be given the opportunity to choose one of the alternatives by secret ballot.

Airport: Every small city needs an airport. City Council has continually squeezed it with housing. Now it’s time to reverse the trend. As a house or property near the airport becomes vacant, the city should buy it and give the land back to the airport.

Density: It should be kept in mind that many of the people came here, or remained here, because of freedom from density and the many problems that accompany it: crowding, crime, pollution, etc. A small-town atmosphere depends mainly (or entirely) on a small population. Is it time to think about family planning?

Security: (See Post Independent Nov. 1, Phyllis Carver). If the police force is “understaffed and underpaid,” City Council should remedy this immediately. And for the problem of housing for the police force, they should be given a cost-of-living allowance to make their housing affordable. If it is a matter of budget, the police force should be given first priority.

The criminal element is really getting tough, and they are not going after the rich, who have good security systems. These criminals are glad to pick up a few dollars here and there.

And there is another criminal element: (see Post Independent, Nov. 5, “We need better protection from vicious dogs,” Cheryl Cain). That attack by two pit bulls was on a well-used part of the bike path. It will be less well-used unless public safety is improved.

Julian Vogt

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Judy and I have to share with you the wonderful experience we had this past Friday at a Glenwood Springs concert presented by Adam Sippola and Megan Chance. Adam’s singing and Megan’s piano playing were truly enjoyable, as they offered selections from opera, recent hits, American traditional, modern stage shows, and modern composers. They claim they do this for the joy of music, and we were the fortunate beneficiaries of their endeavors.

The next time they schedule to perform, we encourage you all to take a bit of time out of your home (their show lasted one hour), to share the cultural treat that is their offering to our community. You will depart uplifted and full of appreciation for what they do for you.

Judy and Jim Larson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Attention: The Pitkin County Library now has a DVD copy of “Judea Declares War on Germany.” Also, there is a DVD copy of “Understanding Anti-Semitism.” Alan Feldman states in his recent letter (Aspen Times, Nov. 12, “A New Policy At Grassroots”) that I rejected the board’s offer to produce my own program. That is false. I have never yet communicated to the board in any form that I rejected their offer.

The board instituted a “new” policy to not air material that is obscene, instigated by my attempt to air “Judea Declares War On Germany.” The evidence in this film is presented in a straightforward manner, with no overtones of obscenity or promotion of hate, as the board would like you to believe.

The board and the vocal majority of citizens who attended the board meeting to discuss this issue are, in my opinion, either indoctrinated, brainwashed dupes or complicit in something very dark indeed. They have views of the supposed Jewish “holocaust” during World War II that they consider undeniable, with no questions or contrary evidence allowed.

In fact, if this were one of the European countries that has “hate laws” and not the U.S., presenting a differing view would find one fined and incarcerated. Freedom of speech is not allowed there and the ADL ” Anti Defamation League ” has had anti-freedom-of-speech laws passed in many countries around the world and is trying to get similar laws passed in the U.S.

These Zionists are not true Americans. They are working to undermine the principles upon which this country was founded. In fact, if you do some research, you will find that international Zionism is working to dominate the world and enslave humanity. And they are far along in their goals. Just ask and I will provide you with plenty of evidence.

The reason this film is a threat to them is that it presents evidence that puts the lie to the accepted version of the “holocaust” that we have all been indoctrinated to believe and once those lies are disclosed the Zionist plans for world domination will collapse.

Steve Campbell

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

My original concern when I first wrote in was to clarify a point that most people aren’t aware of, and that is that most Christian churches do not consider members of the Latter-day Saints Church to be Christian. I am fully aware that Saints consider this to be incorrect. I’m sure that, like most Christians, most LDS members are good, God-fearing people. I know that on a daily basis, most Saints are attempting to “choose the right” and exercise their agency so that each day they’ll be more perfect than they were the day before.

The beauty in the Gospel for a Christian is that Christ was perfect for us.

I am by no means trying to imply that I am an expert on the LDS Church, but I have done some research (and not “back-fence” either). I don’t have a perfect grasp of it, but I know enough to know they differ from Christians in several key areas.

1. Grace through faith in Jesus Christ is the only thing we need for salvation. 2. We believe in a Triune God. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one, yet three. As Saint Paul has said, it is a mystery that men could break their necks trying to understand. Faith helps us to accept this as truth. 3. We believe that at our death, we and all our loved ones who died in the faith, will spend eternity at rest in God’s presence, not as gods of our own planets. 4. A careful reading of the Book of James teaches us that a living faith will produce works but those works, in and of themselves, will not bring salvation.

There are too many other differences to list, but these are a good start. Most people (many Christians included), don’t realize the deception Mormons labor under (what an apropos word), so I felt it was important to bring to light our differences.

As I have said before, I would welcome a friendly discussion of our differing beliefs.

Audrey Thornton


Dear Editor,

I am an 83-year-old merchant marine combat veteran of World War II. I sailed and delivered goods and ammunition to our armed forces in the Atlantic and Pacific theater, and luckily survived with only a few disabilities for my wartime service.

Along with other merchant mariners of this conflict, we have been seeking the support of our U.S. senators to join the other senators who have signed as co-sponsors of Senate Bill S961, “A Belated Thank You to the Merchant Mariners of World War II Act of 2007.”

Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska introduced the bill, which calls for just compensation for the merchant marines of World War ll.

These mariners suffered the highest casualty rate of any branch in the military. For every 26 merchant mariners who served, one was killed in the line of duty. Yet they were not recognized for their service by the U.S government until 1988.

Sadly, our senators seem to be reluctant to sign as co-sponsors.

A companion bill, HR23, was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on July 30 of this year. The bill had the support of many House members who were cognizant of our dire needs.

There are approximately 10,000 surviving merchant marine veterans whose average age is 83. Many of these veterans have only their monthly Social Security payments to make ends meet.

When President Roosevelt signed the G.I. Bill in June 1944, he said, “I trust Congress will soon provide similar opportunities to the merchant mariners who have risked their lives time and time again during the welfare of their country.” With his death, mariners lost one of their most ardent champions.

We are hopeful that the senators will address this urgent need and support our cause. This bill is not an entitlement, but rather a belated acknowledgment of the role merchant mariners played in securing our victories in World War ll.

For more information, please call the Just Compensation Committee at (800) 545-4173.

John B. Scalzo


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