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Letters to the Editor

There has been much opinion printed concerning protecting our borders. Having been labeled a member of the “liberal elite” by one of our esteemed Battlement Mesa contributors, I thought I would share my thoughts. Rifle is inundated with strangers from south of Colorado, though there has been some infiltration from the north. They are violating the law. I barely understand a word they say. They rent properties, and a group moves in. They are here for the money and send much of it back home. They drive vehicles that pollute the air because they are not tuned to our area. They tailgate and speed, and have never heard of a turn signal. They throw litter and dogs in the back of trucks and drive around. They leave their trucks running unattended, polluting an already stressed environment. Many of these visitors proudly fly “their” flag, which is not “Old Glory.” I won’t address the group behavior at bars and restaurants. Other writers have missed the threat. We need to protect the borders of Colorado from the influx of emigrants from Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. They are here to exploit our resources and land. I don’t speak “southern” or “Cajun.” The Confederate flag is on half the trucks in Rifle. It is a Colorado law violation to live and work in Colorado for over 30 days without registrations being changed for driver’s licenses, and truck and car license plates. This costs the state thousands of dollars. Not to mention the strain on infrastructure, police, hospitals, etc. Did I mention the environment? Rifle’s Wal-Mart charges more for the same item than Glenwood’s. The gas industry is having a huge impact on our part of the state. Rent, food, housing and gas prices are high because businesses can charge what they want. Forget the locals. The industry will pay. When the gas is gone, they’ll be off to the next boom.So how much difference is there between emigration and immigration? Think about it. Craig S. ChisesiRifle

I have an idea. Why doesn’t the Post Independent have a separate letters to the editor page once a week (maybe the same day it has faith listings) for those who wish to discuss religion and philosophy. Then anyone not interested in what people have to say about their imaginary friend(s) could just skip over it. Gerald R. TerwilligerBasalt

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