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Letters to the editor

Friday night (Dec. 19) after helping out at the Glenwood Springs Demons Swim and Dive team concession stand during the Demons basketball games, it was cold and snowy like most winter nights. But because of all the recent snow, the roads have been very treacherous, especially up Four Mile Road. So my family picked me up from the high school and we grabbed a quick taco for my little sister from Taco Bell. All was well and we were driving happily home.

Just a little past Four Mile Ranch, everything changed. The car suddenly jerked to the side and started to spin. My world changed to slow motion. Another jerk, another spin. Suddenly there were trees in front of us and I kept repeating, “This is not happening, this is not happening.” And what I thought could never happen to myself and my family happened, we went over the edge. I had felt so in control of my world until this point, like nothing bad could ever happen to us.

Suddenly I was hanging sideways, leaning on the car door. My mom called 911, and I unbuckled and got my sister out of her seat belt and onto my chest. She was crying and telling me she didn’t want to die. She is nine years old.

The whole reason I’m writing this is because of the voices we heard next. Two men were already at the car trying to get in and help us. They were asking if we were OK, and thank goodness we were all fine. Those men gave us the hope and strength we needed to get out of this horrible situation.

I just really wanted to thank all the people of the fire department and police department who helped my family and I. I asked the police officer who the men were and he gave me one name ” Tivis Alexander. So thank you, thank you so much.

The Taco Bell ended up squished all over my chest in between my sister and I.

Alex De Leo, 14

Glenwood Springs

Why did you make this week’s Glenwood Springs Post Independent question multiple choice? Are you afraid we might choose something you hadn’t thought of, something you had, perhaps, not noticed?

The answers to all catechisms are known, learned, rehearsed and spouted forth.

James Breasted


Editor’s Note: The only way this poll question feature works is with single answers. There isn’t a way for people to fill in a choice. The only thing we could have added is the “Other” category.

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