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Letters to the editor

To all you Bush-haters out there who blame him for everything from Iraq to your flat tires, Id like to know how youre going to blame him for this mess in Chicago as it follows your Messiah to the White House.Ken KrizGlenwood Springs

I have been involved in politics for many years, and have lobbied in Washington on many occasions in support for certain legislation. My core values and beliefs have always been along the line of the bleeding-heart liberals. I guess I have a heart to some extent, and I believe in helping others who, for some reason or other, have fallen through the cracks in our society. I understand today some of those who may have had over a $100 million which was their entire wealth, invested in the $50 billion scam which left them penniless. Certainly it is much harder to understand helping someone in this category in comparison to someone who worked all their life at low-paying jobs, raised a family and left without sufficient retirement to meet basic needs. I guess my weakness is in the values I believe in which I learned in my church and through lifes experiences. This is why politically I chose to become a Democrat, because the core value of the Democratic Party is the values I believe in. I think it is foolish to believe all Democrats are completely alike, no more so than all Republicans are completely alike. Sharing values, new ideas and discussion on many issues opens doors for better understanding of those values. In this topsy-turvy world we live in, the party of conservative values, smaller government, balanced budget, and free enterprise has created our largest government, largest debt, largest deficit, and our worst depression. They now stand ready to hand over trillions of dollars to the a new Democratically-controlled government to go on a buying spree of private industry, and create a public works program to surpass any in history. A complete and total reverse of all core values in which they have for decades preached to their followers. I can only imagine their dismay, as I sit here dismayed as well, that we have found ourselves in the worst situation with no clear solutions from anyone. Democrats alone cannot do it. It will require everyone of us, so lets work together.Jim ChildersNew Castle

The Colorado Department of Wildlife meeting held Tuesday evening at Coal Ridge High School demonstrates exactly why there needs to be legislation which excludes wildlife habitats from gas drilling or drilling near these areas. The gas drilling companies demonstrate again their attitude they are above the law and can drill anywhere they please with little regard for wildlife, water quality, air quality, and the environment in general. It is a fact gas drilling pollutes the ground, the air, and the water wherever they drill. It is a fact gas drilling companies are destroying the environment wherever they drill. I will call upon the Colorado Legislature to propose no-drilling zones in and around wildlife habitats. While the Colorado Legislature is considering this legislation, let’s have them also outlaw the following items: (a) poisonous chemicals used in drilling; (b) the use of waste pits since they are another source toxic pollution; (c) flaring of oil and gas wells; (d) county governments awarding taxpayer money to oil and gas companies for road or bridge improvements. Garfield County is giving Chevron Oil Co. $3 million of taxpayer money for road improvements. Chevron has made billions of dollars in profits during the past two or three years. Why would Garfield County give away taxpayer money to one of the world’s largest polluters? Since the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission cannot regulate the oil and gas industry as they were mandated to do, it is time for the Colorado Legislature to take the bull by the horns and regulate this negative-impacting industry with the type of legislation mentioned above and more. Randy Fricke, The Committee To Save ColoradoNew Castle

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