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Letters to the editor

Mr. Jason Whitcomb, you can discount my opinions, too, because I live even further upvalley than Kenny Neubecker.

I believe what everyone is trying to tell you is this war in Iraq is about oil. It’s a very sad thing to think someone is dying because we want oil. Those who run the country want us to think we are defending freedom, while we are only defending corporate profits.

If you are so really gung-ho you want to go to Iraq, I’m sure you could find a way. There are many different jobs there which don’t require combat, working for contractors. A Google search for “Iraq jobs for Americans” turned up 370,000 hits. I suspect whatever your age or abilities, you have a skill which is needed. If you do go, I hope you remain safe.

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I’m sure your life is worth a whole lot more than a barrel of oil.

Gerald R. Terwilliger


Re: Rick Davis letter, Dec. 20

Thank you for your intelligent, thought-provoking letter on “Who really gets the most welfare.” It made me stop and think, and I hope it did others. Many affluent people complain about taxes and welfare, but I wonder if they ever stop to think of all they take for granted that is done for them each day ” heating, food, roads, Medicare, Social Security, etc.. The list goes on and on. How do they think these services are rendered and paid for, or the alternative ” life without them? You are right. We are all recipients of government welfare.

In this Christmas season and the coming new year, let’s be grateful and not begrudge what we give to those less fortunate.

Nancy Brooks

Glenwood Springs

This letter is for the family looking for a rocket on Christmas Eve. I found your rocket, please call me at my work number. If I’m not there, please leave a message. My work number is 945-3323. Merry Christmas.

Betsy McManus

Glenwood Springs

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