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Letters to the editor

As a retired mining man, I was shocked to see our Congressman, John Salazar, is co-sponsoring H.R. 699 ” a bill designed to end all mining in the United States.

There is no question in my mind John Salazar and his associates should be labeled “un-American,” and voted out of office.

Most of us know mining is one industry which has managed to stay afloat and provide thousand of paychecks during these difficult times.

For example, 60 percent of our power in the United States results from coal mining. Everything produced depends on mining at some point, including your toothpaste and electronic toys.

You can check on this 46-page bill on the Internet ” http://www.thomas.loc.gov HR699.

Richard T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

Kirk Swallow of Swallow Oil in Rifle once again failed to explain why the gasoline stations he supplies with gas have some of the highest gas prices in this wonderful state. Mr. Swallow’s attempts to justify gas gouging are almost laughable.

He has to pay 4 percent to the credit card companies on credit card gas purchases? All gas stations do.

Mr. Butler of Western Petroleum delivers to Glenwood and Grand Junction. All those stations sell gas for less than any of Swallow Oil’s stations. Some are as much as 40 cents per gallon cheaper. Therefore, it can’t be transport costs.

Kirk Swallow also mentioned crude oil prices. As I recall, crude prices plummeted and the price of gasoline just couldn’t keep pace with it. The Swallows didn’t have as much trouble keeping up when crude oil prices were on the way up.

Swallow said he would likely sell his business “When the point comes where it’s not profitable for us to continue.” Another gas supplier could use that same line. That gas supplier is Exxon Mobil. I don’t expect you’ll hear that from them any time soon. We’ve all seen the record profits they post on a quarterly basis.

If Swallow Oil is trying to alienate the hardworking local folks who made Swallow Oil a success in the first place, it’s working. I haven’t purchased gas from a Swallow Oil supplied gas station in almost a year. I can’t make a difference as an individual. As a group, however, our voices will be heard. Don’t buy gasoline from a Swallow Oil supplied gas pump.

Kelly O’Connell


Bob as usual your letter does not have any facts. I like civil and spirited debate,but it is hard to do if the other person refuses to be factual.

Article 3 how doe’s that relate to Bush,anyone can print a Article in the paper like you did, what is it relevant to. I think I can read your mind,but I can’t be sure. Do you think Clinton is a war criminal for putting a bomb in the Chinese Embassy in Serbia. If I’m reading your mind right, every president from Bush to F.D.R. is a war criminal.

As for Articles 10,12,13,14,it depends on your definition of Article 4. As usual you don’t explain your self very well. What part of Article do they fall under.

As for Abu Ghraib. That was a break down of the chain of command in the field and the people responsible were punished as they should have.

Guantanamo is monitored by the Internal Red Cross they don’t agree with you. If you were more to the point and more factual instead of a Pompous Gas Bag you might have more creditably with the that read your letters. Bob you could use half the words you use and still say the same thing.

Joseph J Ceremuga

New Castle

This letter serves as a warning to the individuals who have victimized the resident and businesses of this valley. I, for one, am tired of the crimes which continue to occur. Be forewarned a neighborhood watch has been established in the West Glenwood area.

I urge all residents to be alert, note strange individuals and vehicles in your neighborhood, and take extra precautions by securing your homes. Any invasion of one’s home should not be tolerated.

If necessary, I am prepared to exercise my Second Amendment constitutional rights to protect my property.

Joel Stokes

Glenwood Springs

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