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Letters to the editor

Also addressed: Dear Judy Haptonstall and Re-1 school board,

Conversations I’ve had recently confirm my suspicion there may be a high percentage of parents unaware of the late Monday start next year. Yes, there was more effort to encourage parent input deriving next year’s calendar than ever before, but I would argue is was through limited media, and focused on early release Wednesdays with activities for kids to participate in until the buses left at their normally-scheduled time.

The decision to switch that planning time to Monday mornings, with no programs at the schools initially, and buses running later, was abrupt. I happened to see it in the Post Independent the day it was mentioned. Parents who don’t have Internet access, or don’t read the paper every day, might not know this decision has been made.

I might mention my children are older, and I will not be negatively affected by this. I am also not objecting to teachers having this planning time. But I can’t imagine elementary school parents, working normal hours, will not be burdened by school starting at 9 a.m. every Monday. Families fortunate to have one parent at home, or with flexible schedules might like this schedule, but those who are already struggling to survive in this valley are the ones being further penalized.

Why is this decision not in Roaring Fork School District Community Updates, and monthly newsletters mailed by individual schools? I implore you to send a letter home with every student explaining the plan in detail. You will have a better idea if you have truly included parents in the decision process.

I fear you might have an outcry on your hands, and if so, it would be better to know about it now. If you’re not willing to send such a letter, I have to wonder why. Otherwise, how will the schools and staff handle it if parents drop their children off at the curb at 7:30 or 8 a.m. on their way to work come August, because they have no child care arrangements?

Thank you for continuing to listen.

Denise Gergen

Glenwood Springs

Gotta hand it to Congress. They sidetracked people with the Fairness Doctrine, knowing it could be defeated without defeating their purpose. Introducing the Durbin Amendment or Broadcasters Freedom Amendment. Passed with an 87-11 vote. Sounds benign. This amendment requires the FCC “to take actions to encourage and promote diversity in communications media ownership.” Still sounds benign, but gives the FCC even more power to shut down not only conservative radio talk shows, but TV talk shows and every other form of media ” including the Internet.

Don’t deceive yourselves into thinking, “Not in America!” Hah! You have not been watching, if you think this is still the good ‘ole USA we all knew and loved.

Health care under the stimulus plan will cost us each a fortune, and the government will decide if you are worthy of expensive procedures. The elderly will be de-selected for such under this plan. Obama has shown he believes in infanticide, now the elderly are on his hit list. Next will be the handicapped. It’s only a matter of time.

Obama said he would not “take your guns.” Bills threatening the ability to afford or keep one are facing us now. Monitoring ammunition, banning guns, training the National Guard to do house searches for guns (in Iowa), and the looming threat of requiring million-dollar insurance policies for gun ownership are all happening now! Congress approved the deployment of 20,000 National Guardsmen throughout the USA. Supposedly this is for our safety ” terrorism and natural disasters and the like. If you believe that is where it will end, you are blind, deaf, dumb and stupid.

Then take the fact that at a huge cost to U.S. taxpayers, Obama is granting refuge to Palestinian refugees. No restrictions on their political leanings, Hamas connections, Jihad-terrorist activities. I assume he is merely trying to appease the rabid enemies. He is a fool.

If we stand by idly, we lose freedom of speech, our right to keep and bear arms, our lives, and we’re bankrupt. We’re in deep trouble.

Obama’s silver tongue is forked.

Ed Williams


Mr. Herbst, when you say we will return to “Christian principals” as a nation in four years, you seem to be making the assumption individuals like myself who campaigned and voted for President Obama are not Christian. I can assure you this isn’t true.

Being Christian, I cannot vote for the Republican party on a national level because I feel they have given principles up for the power of divisiveness, allowing men like Sean Hannity to become the voice from the bully pulpit. Being Christian means the primary thing you must do after accepting Christ is to follow His way as a servant, and that means “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me.” (Matthew 25:40 KJV). For most of my life, the least of these have been portrayed by the voices of the “conservative,” “traditional,” “family values” Republican Party as being less than full Americans and a burden on American society and culture. When I say this, it isn’t because I suffer from “Bush Derangement Syndrome” anymore than perhaps you or others struggled with “Clinton Derangement Syndrome” starting in 1992.

I truly wish for a leader to arise in this nation, I have hopes it could be President Obama. But if not, well I deal with it because in my 35 aware years on Earth, we’ve had nothing but mediocre to terrible leadership from both parties. This may never change. So be it, I know as long as the voices of conservatism and Republican leaders continue to degrade the least of us, I will oppose them even when the liberal and Democratic voices disappoint.

James Blatter


I am writing in response to March 4 article by Scott Condon, an Aspen correspondent, he wrote: “Eagle County deputy uses Taser on boy after foot chase.” He stated in his article, “Deputy Best doesn’t normally work in the Roaring Fork Valley portion of Eagle County, but was assigned to duty there Tuesday. That was unfortunate for the lad because Best doesn’t fit the stereotype of doughnut- inhaling policeman.”

This is very upsetting, as I am married to a police officer. My husband, along with all the other men and women, protects you, Scott Condon, and everyone else out there every day. My husband also spent 14 years in the military, fighting for your freedom, the freedom you used to write the article.

Do you not enjoy a doughnut? Why is it if a police officer eats one, he or she is criticized?

I could comment all reporters sit on their bottoms typing on a computer and they are out of shape. But I won’t.

Maybe you should think before you write something. Again, freedom of speech can only go so far. Smile.

Alane Larison


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