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Letters to the Editor

I have noticed of late that a number of bumper stickers are now missing on vehicles here in the valley that have previously displayed them. Mostly “Obama/Biden,” “Obama08,” etc.

Please, those still displaying them, don’t strip or scrape them off, they will last for a number of years if properly cared for. A number of “Kerry/Edwards,” “Free Tibet” and others, as an example, are still around in the valley on a few ’89 Volvo station wagons and the like.

It is important that you take care of these “Obama/Biden,” “Obama08,” etc. bumper stickers, please park in the garage or in the shade when you can, clean off the mag chloride and every now and them use a little Armor All to help preserve them, it works great. If this is not done properly they may not be legible in two, three or four years, and how will we ever be able to recognize and salute you for being an important instrument in helping Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Murtha, Frank, Dodd and those in the Obama administration stuff this great country down the toilet.

Thanks and remember to check your tires and get a tune-up. Let me know if you need help … obviously you do!

Art Hougland

Glenwood Springs

Isn’t it unfortunate that we have to be exposed to ideas, opinions and facts that are inconsistent or inconvenient with our own beliefs? People who continuously barrage us with their conservative, good-old-boy propaganda should be silenced. We don’t need to be frustrated with facts, confounded with common sense or compelled to consider.

Our country voted for change, and change we are getting. I for one cannot foresee how the change we are getting will make our country better, but then I can only reason from what I know. Hope, however, can be sustained without reason. I want to continue to hope that it is only my lack of insight, foresight or knowledge that limits my ability to see the positive sustainable results of the change that we’re getting.

But, for the continued intellectual and ideological freedom that has drawn so many to this country, let’s not ban Stan.

Ray Schmahl

Glenwood Springs

Mothering is a harder job than bartending (I know from experience in both). In fact, it is the hardest job in the world.

When was the respect for breast-feeding mothers lost? Why should we hide it? There is no reason not to be proud of the beautiful act of breast-feeding.

In our American society women’s breasts are seen as sexual objects. That perspective needs to change. The sole purpose of women’s breasts is to give life and nutrients to our babies. As a result it creates a loving bond between baby and mother.

It is our community, our neighbors, that need to give breast-feeding mothers privacy and respect by not staring or judging.

I have been a new mother for three months, and I’ve needed support to continue breast-feeding my daughter. It has not been easy. I am confident enough not to cover up while breast-feeding in public. I hope every woman, and generations to come have no problem breast-feeding in public, whether they choose to cover up or not.

Public breast-feeding and public exposure are two entirely different actions. We should not be made to feel like we have to hide from our community.

I hope to see more support for breast-feeding mothers in the near future.

Corielle Gambrell

New Castle

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