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Editor’s note: The author sent in a corrected version of this letter after sending in a previous one. This is the second letter from the author with corrected information.These are some of my views on voting districts and term limits. How the City Council will set this up, I can not tell you at this time. No, I am not an attorney, but I believe that with a little common sense we can give you some answers as how this can be done.When a person picks up the ballot form, they have to register their voting address. This will tell us the district they are going to represent or if they are running at large. This becomes public record and you do not have to wait till they have if signed and turned in.What if no one is running from one of the districts? The council will have to answer that question when they prepare the Charter Amendment. They can set it up to appoint some one. It could be one that was running at large or had shown an interest at another election, or some one from that same district. This will be taken care of be for that happens and then again it may never happen.How are these Districts set up to start? If the council has this in place by the 2011 Council Election they should have set it up so there would not be any change from how it is already in place now. This would be two from a district at different parts of the city, and one at large. In 2013 it would be four seats as it is this election. Two from the district and two at large. That will start the rotation as we now have it. This gives the candidate a better playing field and an equal chance in the election.Term Limits. OK I used the wrong expression. I, should have said a person from an older part of Rifle. May be semi retired, own their own home and having a little time to spend with the city. They would not be running against a person from a newer part of town, unless they are from the same part of the city. Who is the incumbent. Yes, term limits could throw out the good council person. That person could come back in the next election and run again. May be that person could have a different view on the next term and could be a better council member.Ben Franklin insisted that service to your country not be a full-time job or career-and he was exactly right.These two ballot questions changes could make a change in our government. We need people that will vote their own conciseness. This is not a wasted vote, as it has a meaning to it. Not some one else’s.When you vote in this election use common sense and your conscience. You may be changing the future of Rifle.I am not an attorney or your devils advocate, but a long time citizen of Rifle looking for a better way of electing our City Council people.John B. ScalzoRifle

As a former resident, Director & Delegate on the Service Association I have copies of important Surface Agreement between Exxon and the Battlement Mesa Partners, dated 1990 , signed be Partner, David Gitlitz. And accompanying Exhibits that “give specific legal descriptions of the proposed 14 drill sites”, and also legal descriptions where they can not drill within the PUD.This agreement is for 50 years and “Exxon agrees on behalf of itself, it’s successors and assigns” with respect to the drill sites, etc. A map is included for the 14 wells agreed upon, winter drilling only. It states “these covenants -run with the land”- and can not be “transferred separately therefrom”. True, I am not a lawyer but this seems pretty cut & dried to me. The new drilling company is a successor to this agreement and the other one that I have in my possession from Barrett, which states that it “shall be in strict compliance with the Exxon Agreement and with the provisions of the Exhibits which hereto and made a part hereof”. On what premise do they arrive at their legal ability to go beyond these 50-year agreements?If I were still a resident I would be trying to resurrect the Homeowners Association or Incorporation . Then maybe, the residents could have a voice for the Service Association is also represented by the Partners (who have the majority votes) and when I was on the Board they would exercise their votes when it suited their interests. However, it is the fiduciary duty of the Association as outlined in the Declaration to consider the general welfare of its members and to uphold the various articles about no noxious fumes, traffic, water quality, etc. Yes, it seems it is still a Battle to live in Battlement!P. S. These documents are “of record” (ie. Recorded although some were recorded as late as 1999, 10 years after the fact!)Adair White Grand Junction

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