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Letters to the Editor

As a lifelong valley resident, and a homeowner in Carbondale, I just wanted to remind everyone of the great locally owned businesses that we have in this valley, and encourage people to patronize them when shopping for friends and family this holiday season.

Walking down Main Street in Carbondale, there are several great galleries, a book store, a flower shop, an antiques store, a furniture shop, a wonderful store filled with all sorts of decorative items and some great restaurants to visit as well. If you’re feeling thrifty, there are three stores that sell second hand goods. There’s stuff for kids too. On Highway 133, there are bike shops, sporting goods stores, some amazing Mexican markets and even more great restaurants. They are all owned by people who live here: Your neighbors, your friends, you fellow citizens.

Also, Carbondale’s business community hopes to earn your business with a stimulus package that offers a number of really cool prizes for people who visit local merchants over the coming weeks and months. The grand prize is an electric car. How cool is that?

Please shop in town (Carbondale, plus whatever town you live) and buy from locally owned businesses. The money you spend at home stays at home and goes a long way toward supporting your neighbors and your community.

Allyn Harvey


Ross Talbot’s Nov. 30 column divides us by polarizing complicated issues into just two alleged points of view and contains enough muddled thinking to make it unworthy of professional journalism.

Hunting is justified because wolves don’t treat their prey ethically? As a meat eater I don’t criticize hunters, but ethics require prescience. Wolves are not prescient. Hunters are.

Locking up forests causes dense growth and makes them more fire prone? Sure! And opening forests to human uses and human carelessness also makes them more fire prone. Wood burns.

“Radicals” only worry about global warming if it’s (hu)man caused? Actually, we radicals worry about many things but we stress the human caused aspects of global warming because they are the only aspects we can influence.

Thanks to human intervention the Colorado River no longer rages in Springtime? Indeed! And it becomes a muddy trickle as it reaches the Pacific. Some Mexicans may be less enthusiastic than Mr. Talbot about this particular human intervention.

The belief that God created the universe for humans to enjoy leads one to conclude we should be good stewards? Of course, but atheists often reach the same conclusion simply because it’s the only universe we have and when we use it carelessly we destroy ourselves in the process.

We can all agree with Mr. Talbot that people-environment interaction is becoming an increasingly important issue and that we ought to “tend our garden” with “wisdom, good judgment and common sense.” Implying that it takes religious faith to do so, ranting about radicals, informing us that it’s pointless to reason with bears and lions, telling us that wood burns, lauding benefits of tamed rivers without acknowledging damage and applying ethics to wolf behavior contribute nothing towards fulfilling the universal stewardship responsibilities that he posits and most agree we have.

Freedom of speech distinguishes our country, so I appreciate The Post Independent publishing letters to the editor even when they make ridiculous assertions based on ignorance and prejudice. But you should expect clear thinking from your columnists and you have an editorial responsibility to reject columns that don’t display it.

Ron Kokish


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