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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,Earth to Sue. Earth to Sue. This isnt the Clinton administration anymore. Ground control to Major Sue. There is nothing impeachable concerning President Bush. Der Schlickmeister was an impeachable president, and thats just what happened to him. He lied under oath. Lied to a grand jury no less. If the goal is to get rid of President Bush, I wouldnt waste my time worrying about Ralph Nader spoiling the party. I would concentrate on the Wicked Witch of the East. Queen Bee Hillary is the one who is controlling this political fight. Howard Dean, the true voice of the liberal left, is out of the picture. John Kerry is unelectable because of his senate voting record on taxes and national defense. And the people know he flip-flops on the issues like a fish out of water. Thats why hes the nominee, so Queen Chappaqua doesnt have to go up against an incumbent Democrat in 2008. Hey Mrs. Baumli, you say the president doesnt have any war hero experience? Well, Kerry doesnt have any experience being a president. Can Kerry prove he had any bullets in his gun in Vietnam? And why did he come home from duty only to hide behind Hanoi Janes skirt? And if you didnt know, all U.S. presidents use Air Force One along with Secret Service protection. Your frustration level is peaking. Your powerless base has no answers or fresh ideas for Americas future. That means youll have four more years to practice saying President Bush!Dwight JuhlGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Everything about the Bush & Co. policies and ideas reminds me of Homer Simpsons comment on his favorite restaurant, It tastes like crap, but you get a lot of it.For example, the so-called drug savings card, which will do nothing more than enrich the already obscene profits of the pharmaceutical companies. It will work like your grocery saving card; raise the original price and then take some off at the register with your card and you save. They think were morons.So with the outsourcing of American jobs to countries such as China and India, where workers are paid 22 cents and 11 cents an hour so American corporations can compete. Puhleeze! We know how much theyll cut profits to pass the savings along to the rest, which if unemployed cant buy, then what? Move to India? Just like the tax cuts to the top percentage were to encourage job creation by the rich, we know how well thats worked.Although I saw Tiffanys reported increased jewelry sales in the $50,000 price tag and up range, so weve got that going for us. Even if this government of the corporate elite were to take over all the oil in the world, does anyone believe the price of gas would go down and stay down for anyone, anywhere?I wonder how long America will keep swallowing and finally say, Enough! Bush & Co. must go!Sharon RobynParachute

Dear Editor, Friday marked the one-year anniversary of Americas invasion of Iraq in self defense. A year ago we were being told by President Bush that America must not ignore the threat gathering against us. Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud. Although the fact that no doomsday weapons ever existed has necessitated updating the propaganda to: The world is better off with Saddam out of power, I question just who is celebrating that fact. Certainly not the families of the 560 dead American servicemen, nor those of the estimated 10,000 dead Iraqi civilians. Not the innocents who died in Spain for that governments support of the war. With an annual budget deficit now exceeding half a trillion dollars excluding the war in Iraq, not those who depend on a healthy and vibrant American economy either. So how is the world better off?If you define the world as Halliburton, Big Oil and the power of government over peoples lives, then yes, that world has benefited. But by most any other metric, we are less safe, less rich, and thanks to the Patriot Act, less free than we were a year ago. Ken McDonaldGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,Greg Schnackes recent letter stated we can have both environmental protection and drilling. Not true. The Bush administration has stripped 600,000 acres of Colorado land, including the Roan Plateau, of environmental safeguards. I am referencing the documents IM 2003-274 and IM 2003-275 released by the Washington office of the BLM online at http://www.blm.gov/nhp/ efoia/wo/fy03/.Roan Plateau, some of the most bio-diverse land in the state, cannot be inventoried for environmental purposes. In addition, the wording provides for the removal of impediments to drilling; a vague yet all-encompassing directive that can be applied to just about anything the drilling companies consider an impediment.Further, Mr. Schnacke suggests the gas recovered from this development plan would stay in Colorado, which is false. A quick visit to Xcel Energys Web page indicates recently completed pipelines will allow a greater level of exportation of gas than in the past. We will compete with Californians and other energy consumers for Colorado-produced natural gas. The result: higher prices, degradation of our wilderness places, and record profits for energy companies. There is nothing balanced about the BLM plan. All the cards are stacked in the favor of big corporations, while environmental safeguards are quietly stripped from these lands. Instead of attacking Mike Miles, the oil industry should answer the questions he raises. The questions are legitimate, but so far the answers have contained little factual material, are evasive or misleading, and are anything but balanced.Jerry FieldsRifle

Dear Editor, What a contrast I found in the two newspapers on my driveway Tuesday morning. Lead story on the front page of the Denver Post: Spains newly elected prime minister vows to pull soldiers out of Iraq and calls the war a disaster. How does the Post Independent cover the story? A teaser at the bottom of the front page reads: U.S. Allies in Iraq refuse to waiver in wake of Madrid rail bombing. The last sentence says, Only Spains newly elected leader said he would withdraw troops. And which Associated Press story did the Post editors choose to run? A story on page 10 that doesnt mention Spains pullout at all. A second story on Spain? Not enough room, I guess. Im sure U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld would be proud of the Posts editors. Now begins the worldwide debate whether the Spanish people caved in to terrorism or believe in the words of their democratically elected Prime Minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, The war has been a disaster, the occupation continues to be a great disaster, it hasnt generated anything but more violence and hate. Unfortunately, the debate among Post Independent readers will be substantially less informed. Frank G. MartinGlenwood Springs

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