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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

For the last three years I have been on the board of trustees in the town of Silt. During my tenure, I have observed nearly everyone on the Board of Trustees, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the town staff working to make decisions in the best interest of Silt.

Our endeavors have included efforts to improve communication between Town Hall and the citizens. Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant was recently completed, and the town has obtained funding for design and construction of a new water treatment plant. At the same time, the town budget was balanced through a combination of sound economics and tough choices. While the town leadership changes, the vision, passion, and spirit of cooperation that currently exist at town hall must continue.

Please do not be fooled by the statements of Dave Moore, a write-in candidate for trustee. For decades, Mr. Moore has taken an adversarial approach to the town in public meetings and private dealings. My experience indicates that his primary interest is certainly not the citizens or the future of Silt.

His desire to “get even” with town hall will not enhance your future.

On April 6, the citizens of Silt will have the opportunity to choose responsible leadership. Please exercise your right to vote for candidates that will not undermine the future of Silt.


James Kellogg


Dear Editor,

I have asked the question, “Do you drink bottled water?”

With the exception of one person out of 12 to 14, they all drink bottled water in Silt.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying that Silt water is unfit to drink, but the following could be a reality check that the town of Silt should take seriously.

The citizens still say that Silt water is unfit to drink, contrary to the conclusive and overwhelming evidence as proclaimed by the administration and Board of Trustees, in spite of the fact that they, too, drink bottled water.

So what’s the problem? Very simple. It’s a lack of confidence and admiration for our town government.

With the water rate increase, coupled with the cost of bottled water, I fear to calculate the cost of one glass of water in a private home in Silt. For a household of two, it costs $16 to $24 per month for bottled water.

I long for the good old days, when I could walk to the kitchen faucet and draw a glass of water for little or nothing. It’s getting to the place now that I almost have to take out a loan to quench my thirst. If the Silt government could bottle confidence and sell it to the citizens, then there would be no need for bottled water. So until then, please pass the bottle.

Dave Moore


Dear Editor,

On April 6, Carbondale citizens are asked to extend the current 1⁄2-cent sales tax that is already specifically earmarked for recreation purposes. You are also asked to allow the town to bond, or take out a loan, on this money to build a new gym, start projects like the Gateway River Park and Delaney Nature Park, connect trails and improve the existing pool facility.

Please vote to extend this tax. Because it is drawn on sales tax, it comes from all of us who shop in Carbondale.

The tax that we started collecting in July 1996 was $288,000 and has leveled out at $425,000 a year. If the town experiences another boom, we have the potential to collect up to $625,000 annually.

With proven fiscal responsibility, the Recreation Commission and town have managed to save most of the money collected until recently, when we invested in new facilities like the skateboard park, roller rink, running track, lights at the North Face ballfield, trail connections, conceptual designs, purchase of property and maintenance of these facilities.

Some of you have expressed concern over the proposed expenditure of a new gym. This is not a full-blown recreation center, it is simply a gymnasium in a prefabricated Butler building. Our programs are bursting at the seams and are in desperate need of gym space.

A “yes” vote for this sales tax extension will benefit all of us in the surrounding Carbondale area who support the town by shopping here. Please, please vote “yes” to continue our excellent recreational opportunities. Feel free to call me at 704-1057 if you have any questions, or e-mail me at campfarris@aol.com.


Carol Farris


Dear Editor,

Judith King’s letter, “‘Passion’ revives old stereotyping,” itself propagates the politically correct deception that Mel Gibson via “The Passion” promotes cruel anti-Semitism.

Has Ms. King seen the movie, preferably with even a half-open mind, rather than a fault-finding one? If so, where is the anti-Semitism? She doesn’t say, but nevertheless lambastes Gibson’s “vicious stereotyping of Jews.” Talk about racially motivated, unfair judgment (ie., Matthew 7:1).

Yes, Jewish religious leaders of Jesus’ time did demand and helped bring about his violent execution. They were corrupt and ungodly leaders, who didn’t recognize the Messiah and Savior before their eyes.

But how does that show that all Jews are somehow guilty of Jesus’ death? It doesn’t, and Gibson never implies it does. This is the ridiculous leap that many Jewish leaders make in condemning this important and biblically faithfully film.

Ms. King, along with columnist Kathleen Parker, are sadly mistaken.

Gibson himself has said in several interviews that he was as responsible for the death of the sinless Savior as Jews, Gentiles, or anyone, because of his sins against God. (We may excuse our sin and selfish ways, but God does not.)

This should be the attitude of each of us, if we are honest and allow God to speak to our hearts. And this is precisely why Jesus came to Earth: to offer his perfect life as a sacrifice to redeem sinners like us back to a holy and loving God. Can we believe it and receive it?

John Herbst

Battlement Mesa

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