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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

If the Glenwood Springs Post Independent is concerned about pollution and the environment, maybe now the editors will print my news releases and letters to the editor about my campaign against gas drilling and the hazards it is creating. The gas bubbles at Divide Creek are clear evidence of how gas companies are destroying our environment and potentially human life.

Since the chemical, benzene, has been found in the water, it will be extremely hazardous to livestock, fish, marine life, etc. It is time for responsible action. The citizens of Garfield County need to take my proposal seriously and request a halt to further drilling before it is too late.

I will now renew my efforts for the moratorium on gas drilling on the Western Slope. I will move forward with the formation of the Colorado Citizens Energy and Environmental Committee. I urge our local county commissioners, state legislators and environmental groups to join me in this effort.

Randy Fricke


Dear Editor,

My conscience will not allow me to leave Mr. Moolick’s most recent letter to the editor unanswered. With all due respect, his use of the word “achieve” when referring to medals of valor awarded to our men and women serving to protect the Constitution of the United States of America is very disrespectful to them, to those who did not return home, and to their kin.

I would like to quote a document authored by Commander in Chief Franklin D. Roosevelt, “given” to the next of kin of those killed in action during World War II: “In grateful memory of ______, who died in the service of his country at ________. He stands in the unbroken line of patriots who have dared to die that freedom might live, and grow, and increase its blessings. Freedom lives, and through it, he lives ” in a way that humbles the undertakings of most men.” (signed) Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America.

There are many in this community who fill in the blanks for Mr. Moolick’s freedom to ignorantly politicize our military’s medals of valor.

Yours truly,

Dave Dreith

New Castle

Dear Editor,

To the residents of the Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District, I am seeking re-election to a second term as director of the district. I have been a resident of the west end of the district for 18 years. I became a volunteer firefighter when construction of Station 3 near Highway 82 and the CMC turnoff was completed in 1992. I served on the district’s Pension Board of Trustees from 1995 to 2000.

I am proud of the dedication and bravery of the volunteers and paid staff of this district. Their efforts have reduced costs to the taxpayers while decreasing response times, lowering the ISO rating, which lowers insurance cost, increasing the level of patient care and promoting a culture which encourages new volunteers.

I support the proposed bond issue because it secures the future of Station 1 at its current location in Carbondale, will bring needed housing/crew quarters to the west end and will provide additional trucks and equipment at each fire station in the district.

I support the proposed mill levy because it will enable the fire district to provide the level of response and service the residents deserve and expect.

Please vote May 4 at Station 1 in Carbondale, the Church in Redstone, Station 4 near Westbank or Station 5 on Missouri Heights.


Louis Eller

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Dr. Condoleezza Rice said April 8 that “chatter” in the summer of 2001 was “troubling,” but “they don’t tell us when; they don’t tell us where; they don’t tell us who; and they don’t tell us how.”

George Bush himself has assured us he would have used force against the terrorists had he known when and where they would attack.

I hope before the next terrorist attack on the United States, Osama will be gracious enough to send Dr. Rice and George Bush an e-mail detailing the time, the location (with maps from Mapquest), a list of the participants and the status of their visas, and the exact procedure that will be followed.

D. Ferrel Atkins

Charleston, Ill.

Dear Editor,

If I went to my doctor and he pointed out that I had two previous mild heart attacks, that my blood pressure was sky high, and that I was way overweight, it would be very, very prudent for me to seek ways to prevent an almost certain heart attack.

If I ignored all the doctor’s warnings and then died of a massive heart attack in a few months, it wouldn’t be likely that my family would shrug and say, “Well, the doctor never said that she would die on Tuesday, Sept. 11, so we just didn’t take the warnings very seriously. If only the doctor had been more precise, she might be alive today.”

I think the warnings regarding Sept. 11, 2001, were ample, and a diligent administration could have (and should have) spent its first 200-plus days ensuring the safety of the people they had sworn to protect. It is a sure sign that they took the warnings seriously enough that President Bush took the longest vacation in presidential history in order to avoid being in Washington, D.C., and others in the administration avoided commercial air travel.

Let’s hope the digging for answers is thorough in the months ahead.

Lee Sanne Buchanan

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

In a Los Angeles Times article in January 2003, one of the current presidential candidates said the following: “If you don’t believe Saddam Hussein is a threat with nuclear weapons, then you shouldn’t vote for me.” This could quite possibly be the best advice ever to come out of John Kerry’s mouth.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The date is March 15, 2005. Al Gore is beginning his second term as president of the United States. Shortly after his second inauguration, President Gore cancelled the “no-fly” zones over Iraq. Within a few weeks, Saddam’s forces gassed another Kurdish village in northern Iraq, killing over 3,000 men, women and children, and is said to have eliminated a rebellious Shiite village of over 1,000 in southern Iraq, using anthrax as the weapon of choice.

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is urging the United Nations to assume a more active role in the suppression of terrorism, but those efforts are largely ignored. Training camps in Afghanistan supported by the Taliban government are turning out terrorist cells on a daily basis.

Libya is boasting of having nuclear bomb capabilities after delivering a device carried by a North Korean missile to a target area in the Atlantic Ocean. Countries surrounding Israel are becoming more threatening each day. Only Israel’s nuclear arsenal keeps neighboring countries at bay.

Other countries are scrambling to achieve nuclear capability as a means of self preservation. The possibility of nuclear warfare increases each year.

Since the 9-11 terrorist attack on this country, the Gore administration has followed a policy of using the United Nations to organize and lead efforts aimed at quelling terrorist activities.

Secretary of Defense John Kerry assures President Gore that his efforts to form a coalition of countries working under the auspices of the United Nations will soon begin to produce results.

Dick Prosence

Phoenix and Meeker

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