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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It’s nice of R.T. Moolick to provide a window on the Republican soul. After listening to a relentless barrage of Karl Rove’s words coming out of George Bush’s mouth, one can almost forget that when George, Don and Dick are riding around on a golf cart with Rush Limbaugh, they probably sound just like R.T.

In an election year, the rhetoric is even more carefully crafted, so we should all be grateful to R.T. for reminding us of what these guys are really made of.

Paul Lerch

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Whoa, before you brand me a liar please re-read my letter to the editor.

First I thanked Mr. Foster about the article about Senator Kerry and cast my doubts about his heroic actions in Vietnam. Then, I asked if he had seen the picture that is being sent to many people.

I did not write that the picture was authentic, I asked if he and others had seen it. I also have the Internet that can give me the answer of what is a hoax.

With financial aid from Jane Fonda, Sen. Kerry led visible protests against the war and wrote a book, “The New Soldier,” that many considered to be pro-Hanoi. The cover of the book is a mockery of Marines raising the American Flag on top of Mount Suribachi in the Battle for Iwo Jima in 1945. The American Flag is upside down. Sen. Kerry also supported Hanoi’s position to use POWs to bargain for peace agreements.

After living in Garfield County for over 70 years, I certainly hope my integrity and honesty are well known, with our having several businesses over the years and trying to be honest in all my dealings with others.

In the New Castle Cemetery there are seven stones of relatives who have served in various wars, including my Uncle Floyd, who lost a leg in Germany during World War II. I never heard any of these relatives ever say one word about their medals.


Betty Dawson

New Castle

Dear Editor,

I have laughed harder before in my life, but not much!

You may correct my spelling and even edit my prose, but you are not free to change my meaning ” if in fact you grasped it.

How do you know I meant “Impeach Bush?” You don’t. And how do you know I meant that cars are “the true source of evil?” You don’t.

To elicit a really interesting public discussion you have only to publish the two versions of my letter side by side along with this letter.


Jim Breasted


Dear Editor,

Churches and religious organizations strenuously reject any attempt by government to influence, limit or control their actions. By the same token religious organizations should not attempt to influence or control actions of government or those who work for it.

Individual church members can and should actively participate in political, community service and governmental affairs. But church organizations and their spokespersons should at all times resist the temptation to get involved in political or government affairs.

The Bible says we should render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s. Our First Amendment says the same thing in different words. Government should not interfere with religion and the religious organizations should not interfere with government.

Al Maggard

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Kerry does not take George W. Bush to task on any current decisions and has vague plans for the future. All the mounting evidence about the Bush administration should give ammunition to Kerry, but nothing happens.

Is it the time between the primaries and the convention that seems to pickle Democratic candidates? Hence, are the potential nominees afraid that their ideas will be hijinxed by the powers that be, and are therefore “pickled” in their silence?

From snippets on April 18’s Meet the Press, two points: Kerry softened his statements given on tape in 1971 and agreed on Bush’s alliance with the Sharon government. In the first case he shows lack of conviction, and in the second he may have expressed an earlier sentiment on Israel that George W. Bush simply acted on. Where are the points of debate?

To back governments that exacerbate the problems in the Middle East is some sort of reverse bigotry, or some great lobbying. It’s as if the United States leadership has no mind on policy and is some sort of nonthinking figurehead, akin to a modern monarchy.

If John Kerry doesn’t demonstrate politicalese, then George W. Bush is a cowboy with the conviction that will take our hearts and our votes. Seems that timing in the primary process needs updating before we all get pickled.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

Dear Editor,

The sign featured on the front page of the April 15 Post Independent is not only structurally out of plumb but is also intellectually out of level. It is typical of today’s government schools to present truth in a dishonest or misleading context.

It would be more honest if it listed the casualties by category such as combat, civilian, occupation, etc. Also, list the casualties from Vietnam, Korea, World War II, etc., to keep things in perspective.

The front page featuring by the Post Independent and the comments underneath indicate the political agenda of the newspaper.

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle

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