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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Congratulations, Mr. Sundin. I have read numerous articles and columns critical of President Bush (though none as long on rhetoric and short on facts), but yours is the first I have seen that actually tries to liken him to Prime Minister Sharon, Tito and Lyndon Johnson at the same time.

It’s nine paragraphs of unsupported second-hand criticism and name-calling without a single recommendation for improvement.

The facts are:

– There is a viable reconstruction plan in place in Iraq and it has produced more schools, clean water, electric power, and freedom for the Iraqi people than they have ever been afforded in their history.

– Secretary Rumsfeld has not called for more troops in Iraq, rather he has advocated a decrease in current strength.

– The vast majority of the Iraqi people, both Shiite and Sunni, welcome the American forces, and the insurgents that our forces combat are fringe radicals and foreign fighters who cross the borders from Syria and Iran.

These are the facts as they come from those in Iraq and those who have been there whom I talk to on a daily basis. Even if Mr. Sundin doesn’t feel it’s necessary to write factual columns, I would at least hope his next one attempts to fix problems rather than blame.

Brian Delaplane

Glenwood Springs

Stationed in Germany

Dear Editor,

I see that Garfield County is considering adopting annual license fees for dogs and cats. This a typical overreaction to a couple of over-publicized dog incidents. Hello, zero tolerance. Here’s what we’ll get:

1. Another government charge (a tax by another name is still a tax).

2. More government employees.

3. More work for lawyers and judges.

4. Responsible people penalized for the irresponsible.

Here’s a better idea. Kids are a lot more trouble than dogs and cats, so let’s license them and hang a tag around their neck. Then let’s limit the number you can have. The Chinese have done this for years. Come to think of it, they should all be neutered before they are released. A leash law might be a good idea here, also.

A perfect world is certainly hard to come by, but if we just impose enough fees we’ll eventually have everything under control. Who the heck is this “we”?

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle

Dear Editor,

Kudos to your photographer Kelley Cox. Every day there is another exquisite photo, especially of wildlife. They should be framed and sold as art. I am constantly cutting them out and sending them back East so that my family can see how beautiful the Colorado Rockies are.

The Jim Noelker shot of Mount Sopris with the cross in the forefront last week was so beautiful it made me cry.

As a small town newspaper, you’re incredibly lucky to have artists of this caliber on your staff.

Susan Moore


Dear Editor,

Every day 3,000 Americans die in automobile accidents. Those are correct statistics. And in one day and about in one hour 3,000 people died in the New York Trade Center. So we should ban all American buildings? Or should we simply ban all airplanes?

If I were Osama bin Laden, I would supply more terrorists with even more weapons and take out President Bush while I was at it. If I were the president of the United States I would continue to remove as many terrorists as possible. Wouldn’t you? Unless, of course, you were President Bill Clinton, then you wouldn’t and in fact didn’t.

Because absolutely right through our hearts and minds definitely runs the blade of good and evil.

Support Homeland Security and demand that any leader of this country continue to do so as well.

That means military support for our country and that immediately rules out any bleeding-heart feel-good Democrats. Naturally.


Marty Lich


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