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Letters to the Editor 5/14

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Dear Editor,

Is the Bair Ranch proposal perfect? Certainly not. But, does it have several overriding and compelling advantages? Absolutely.

The first is the fact that Eagle County’s investment of $2 million leverages into place over $3 million of OPM (Other People’s Money). The bottom line, my friends, is that we are getting one heck of a deal. And remember, these other funds, for the most part, will leave the county forever. Say goodbye to the money. Bye bye.

The second is that we are only buying the development rights. If we wanted to walk on the property, we wouldn’t be paying “just” $5 million; we would have to pay four times that much. And that would definitely not be a good deal for the taxpayers of Eagle County.

Will we benefit from this right away? Probably not. Will we benefit in 10 years? Maybe. But will we benefit in 20 years when the Eagle County population swells to and past the 90,000 population predicted by our state demographer? Absolutely. Would we be able to afford the same easements then that are offered today? No way!

This is an investment in our future. This is an investment to ensure that Eagle County remains one of the world’s special places. Our natural uncongested environment is the golden egg of our economic success. Let’s not kill the goose.

Peter Runyon


Candidate for Eagle County commissioner

Dear Editor,

How sad it is that Heuer’s Funland is closing (Post Independent, May 14). This means that the only redeeming aspect of that valley is Charcoal Burger. It’s time for a great flood there to cleanse the vile that the once-graced Roaring Fork Valley has become.

Tim Walker

Dan Thomas 5/14/04 Address1: 2537 Sweetwater Circle


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