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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Why are we surprised that our young soldiers and Marines are behaving in uncivilized ways? Their Commander-in-Chief has set the tone by his shoot-from-the-hip rhetoric (Axis of Evil, Bring it on!, etc.) and disregard for civil rights. Secretary Rumsfeld further aggravates the situation by his arrogant attitude and lack of attention to what is happening in the ranks below him.

As long as the Bush empire is in power, our poor nation will continue to slide further into chaos and international disgrace. George W. and his gang have managed to turn world sympathy following 9-11 into mistrust and hatred toward America; it is time for a “regime change”!

Jan Girardot

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor

I am disappointed that your paper printed a racist, inflammatory and false headline concerning Muslims under letters to the editor on May 4.

These types of comments contribute to the United States’ brutal treatment of Iraqi citizens. We used “shock and awe” to kill numerous Iraqis, destroy their homes, water, sewage and utility systems and places of employment; http://www.iraqbodycount.org estimates the minimum number of civilians killed at 9,061 and the maximum 10,918. This does not include the thousands considered soldiers/insurgents or people maimed and injured. Iraq never attacked us and suffered under 12 years of sanctions and bombings by the British and U.S.

Iraqi people have seen the U.S. military killing and wounding women and children, using brutal force, including F-16s’ explosives against individuals, and bulldozing or bombing the front of people’s homes at 4 a.m. rather than knocking the door down. (I have a video from January of such a raid.) The military takes the men away at times for arbitrary reasons. On occasion, occupants are shot because they do not understand English. These are the practices that have alienated Iraqis against the occupation.

On April 8, an Iraqi resistance fighter outside Falluja, who captured and released journalist Urban Hamid, (he spoke in Glenwood Springs on March 5) said, “We are fighting for our freedom, for the Iraqi people, for God. The journalists twist everything. You portray us as terrorists at the same time as the American soldiers are murdering our children.”

Cathleen Krahe


Dear Editor,

I am currently proudly serving my country while in Iraq. I wrote to your paper a few months ago hoping that my letter and my thoughts would affect your staff about the love and support of people there in Garfield County. Unfortunately, I received no response.

There are many people across the country who have loved ones serving in the war. Each time there is a report of violence with American deaths or injuries, they hold their breath, hoping that it isn’t someone they know. Yet, almost feeling guilty when they find out that their loved one is safe, that it didn’t affect them. They pray daily for the safety of all forces over here that we may all arrive safely back in the United States.

To mention, my mother, Barbara Lowery of Rifle, and a local group are often seen up and down Railroad Avenue hanging yellow ribbons to show the support and patriotism of the American people. They do not seek any special recognition for the job they do. However, their love and support of the American way of life and the men and women who have sworn to protect it do not deserve to go unnoticed. I ask that you take the time and give them the recognition they justly deserve.

Marc Sigmon

U.S. Navy

Gulfport, Miss.

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