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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

After reading Jim Wright’s letter to the editor (Oct. 21) about misinformation, I would like to address his misinformation.

– Misinformation 1: Tax cuts for rich ” top 50 percent of wage earners pay 96.03 percent of federal income taxes. Fifty percent of the population pays no income tax. If you didn’t pay income tax, you didn’t get a refund, but you benefit from the services. The more taxes you paid, the more returned.

– Misinformation 2: Bush ” Iraqis responsible for 9/11: He never said that. He did state it was a bastion for terrorists and we would fight terrorism anywhere it was prevalent.

– Misinformation 3: Mr. Wright’s sophomoric view of the world stage is evident in his statement concerning the future of other attacks. Minimizing risk of attacks by stabilizing the Middle East and anywhere there are terrorists is the answer. The most effective way to reduce the risks of attacks is to introduce a stable government that is democratic.

– Misinformation 4: WMDs ” World leaders, intelligence agencies, and Clinton all stated Iraq had WMDs. The 9/11 report stated the information we had was the best at that time. Mr. Wright should ask the Kurds if Saddam had WMDs.

– Misinformation 5: Administration has failed to protect us ” Taliban is no longer in power, and thousands of al-Qaida members are either dead or in prison. There hasn’t been an attack on the U.S. in over three years.

God bless America!

Andy Stanczak

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The spinners are saying this election was about American values. Good. Now we can start applying them. For example, tearing into the Roan Plateau and the Thompson Creek roadless area to gain every last drop of gas above what we, the people, have already donated to private enterprise goes beyond the pale of the American values we all share.

Americans’ commitment to the land is a traditional one. Hunters, fishers, cattlemen, hikers: Our land has formed our character, has encouraged our commitment to individual freedom, has honed our willingness to do hard work, has forged our very definition of liberty. We would not have become Americans without our land. And we might not remain Americans if we give it all up to gas drilling.

Perhaps we should begin to wonder why the Bureau of Land Management plans for the Roan Plateau or the Forest Service decisions on the future of the Thompson Creek roadless area have been withheld from public knowledge until after the election. What it tells me is that the Bush administration does not have good news for those of us who own this land ” we the people. If these few remaining wide open spaces have something to do with what it means to be an American, let’s put our values into action and work together to protect what’s ours.

Elizabeth Henry

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

The short list of great presidents is usually Reagan, Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Reagan, our most beloved president, is certainly the greatest leader of my lifetime. He defeated communism, cut taxes, and sparked the greatest peacetime economy in U.S. history. He did all this while dragging the opposition into his vision for America.

History will likely lend “greatness” to the achievements of George W. Bush as well. Bush took the Clinton recession and turned it into the most vibrant economy in over 20 years. This is largely due to the tax cuts he gave to 109 million Americans. He took war to the “institution” of terrorism and gave a strong answer to the attacks of 9/11. Bush has liberated 55 million oppressed people worldwide. No other president can claim that. He has restored our respect in the world (not to be confused with conciliation).

On Nov. 2, President Bush won re-election with 59 million votes, the largest number in history. He is the first president since his father to win a 51 percent majority and the first since FDR to increase his party’s seats in the House and Senate. Americans clearly gave Bush a mandate.

President Bush will appoint judges, he will keep the tax cuts, he will prosecute the war on terror, and we will be a better country because of it. History is bigger than factions and hate. History will reveal George W. Bush as one of the greatest presidents of our nation.

Brendon Bolton

New Castle

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