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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Having read the editors’ personal opinions about their position on the now past election, I’m writing to say I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sorry about the loss on behalf of all the lefties here in our valley.

I, of course, am a Republican so I can’t “share” in your grief. But I do sympathize on how hard you’re going to have to work peeling those bumper stickers off almost your entire automobiles’ bodies. Lest we forget the numerous signs in your yard, especially you folks in downtown Glenwood Springs.

But alas, take heart, brethren! You’ll have another chance in four years to bang your love drums, dance your peace dances and shout obscenities at those of us who differ from your opinions. So close the curtains and continue jerking the levers of hate and vengeance, all the while hiding behind the flowery facade of the great and powerful Oz of peace and understanding.

You must by now realize that you are a minority in this country. Hey, I’ve got a great idea: There could be some government handouts you could capitalize on. Go for it, moon children!

Russell Coletti

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

This is a plea to every driver who has been using Park and Polo streets to circumvent the GAPP construction. Please slow down. Wednesday our beloved tabby, Basta, became a casualty. He will be missed by many of the residents on Polo Road.

He loved attention and always was up for a good scratch behind the ears. He was an equal-opportunity kitty, offering his rubs to small, tall, young and old.

We could not keep him from reclining directly in the center of the road. Perhaps he just felt safe, since he knew everyone! However, with the influx of GAPP by-passers, that proved to be the end of him.

Thank you to the kind man who stopped and placed him off the road. Though you did not cause his demise, you made it easier for us who loved him. This was an accident but what a tragedy if it had been one of our neighborhood children. Please slow down.

Ciao, Basta.

May we see you at the pearly gates!

The Ziemann family

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

On Friday, Oct. 29, I was driving home and saw a white truck parked in front of my driveway. I asked the people if I could help them. They told me they were planning to hunt the next day in the area behind my house. I could see that they were scoping out the site.

I told them that the hill behind my house was private property. They asked me where the line was. I told them we had 28 acres and that I had livestock and did not want hunting on the area.

My property was posted in the area where these people were scoping. They seemed to have little idea of where private and public property lines might be. Most of the hill that is visible from my driveway is our own property, yet they were checking it out for hunting.

Before you plan to hunt near people’s homes, ranch animals and private property, take the time and consideration to find out beforehand where you can legally hunt.

It is not enjoyable to come home and find people parked in trucks scoping out your backyard and private property, right next to your house and pastures.

Tara Meixsell

New Castle

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