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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Obituary ” The Democratic Party, 1792-2004.

The once-proud Democratic Party passed away recently; the cause of death, a total change of ideals. The illness began in the 1960s when Democrats in Congress opposed the Civil Rights Act. The Democratic beliefs of less taxation and a strong defense became only memories after the assignation of JFK.

A quest to amend the Constitution illegally via the courts became a mission for the party. Taking guns from Americans through the courts was one of many rights they intended to steal. During this transformation, God, religion and morals became major obstacles to the party. This could not be tolerated; therefore, control of the education system became necessary. Innocent children would be easy targets for the indoctrination of left-wing liberal ideas.

As the cancer grew, the out-and-out desire of making Americans more dependent on government, so as to gain control over them, took over the party with a stranglehold. Near death, after what has become known as the “Jimmy Carter fiasco,” the party regained some credibility, albeit short-lived, with the election of Clinton. Clinton talked of less taxation, a strong defense and less government, but unfortunately, the American people would find out that this man, and the leaders of this Party, were simply pathological liars.

During the campaign of 2004, the Democrats nominated the most liberal candidate to ever run for president. This, coupled with embracing ultra-left-wing fanatics like Michael Moore, George Soros and Al Franken, proved to be fatal.

Doug Meyers

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Hal Sundin’s latest column is further evidence that the left are poor losers.

Hal claimed that both campaigns were against taxes. His guy proudly proclaimed that he would raise taxes on the wealthy. Most Americans understand that the so-called wealthy are small business owners who create 70 percent of the new private-sector jobs. They understand that raising taxes on that group costs jobs.

Hal decries the commercials paid for by the 527s. This is likely because the only 527 that had a significant impact on the election was swift boats, and their commercials hurt Kerry. The far-left 527 commercials were scurrilous and false and had a negative effect on Kerry, in spite of their intentions to help. The left’s 527s outspent the right’s 527s by $15 to $1, and the left still lost, so now Hal wants to change the rules.

Before the next election Hal wants to outlaw the 527s. I don’t want to limit George Soros or his far-left buddies the right to spend their fortunes smearing Republicans. This is their constitutional right.

Is Hal outraged that CBS fabricated National Guard documents or that the New York Times lied about unguarded weapons in Iraq? He is more likely annoyed that they got caught and their lies hurt Kerry.

If we were saying “president-elect Kerry,” Hal would likely agree that it was because Kerry was not afraid to raise taxes and he would be bowing at the feet of his favorite liberal 527s.


Terry Ostrom


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