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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

This is in response to the scathing and utterly shocking letter by Russell Coletti regarding a total disgust and disdain for liberal Democrats in the area. Sir, with all do respect, why haven’t you spoken sooner?

It’s about time moderate Americans are heard.

As the polls have stated, we are sick and tired of your liberal agenda plastering the media without counteracting viewpoints. We are tired of ignorant teenagers jumping up and down on street corners with Kerry/Edwards signs. We cannot stand supposed leaders with multitudes of “plans” without supporting evidence. We are appalled by your boisterous support of the liberal agenda while we quietly question our own values. We dislike war heroes that turn on their country when the chips are down. We are curious why the local papers only print articles from liberal newspapers.

We love that Democrats spent millions (possibly billions) in a failed effort. We like laughing at liberals with Kerry stickers all over their expensive SUVs. We are amused at all the time and money spent by entertainers to support a loser. We actually like Bush, unlike Kerry supporters who do not like Kerry but hate Bush.

I cannot wait until 2008 and the defeat of liberal Hillary ” long live conservatism.

Scott Mattson


Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Judith Bartel’s letter suggesting that Midland Avenue should become a bypass. The following are reasons I disagree:

First, there are over 50 houses and driveways facing Midland Avenue. Because of the road’s blind curves and the number of drivers exceeding the 25 mph speed limit, it is already difficult for residents to exit and enter their driveways safely.

Second, there is a beautiful city-funded path along Midland Avenue and the Roaring Fork River enjoyed by many residents and visitors to Glenwood Springs. Widening Midland Avenue would eliminate this lovely feature. If we want our town to become more friendly to bicyclists and pedestrians, building highways along every river corridor is the wrong approach.

Finally, transforming what is now a neighborhood street into a state highway would increase the danger to our children, pets and wildlife. Yesterday, while using the bike path, I came across the carcasses of a deer and a housecat, both victims of careless drivers. I no longer allow my sons to gather our mail. The speed of vehicles already using Midland Avenue make this chore too dangerous.

Sacrificing yet another local street to the self-serving needs of commuters simply strikes another blow in the face of our community, transforming a lovely mountain town into nothing more than a minor roadside attraction for motorists on their way to someplace else.

Please, respect our community and our children ” slow down on all our thoroughfares.

Kim Fegan

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Re: “Williams Production plans to drill more than 800 new wells in Garfield County over the next three years.” “Glenwood Springs Post Independent. This doesn’t even include EnCana.

An article in the Nov. 17 Denver Post business section states, “Natural gas prices are hailing on the NY Mercantile Exchange at prices roughly 50 percent higher than a year ago, even though government data show that the demand has declined and pre-winter storage levels are well above historic norms.”

The rise in prices coincides with hedge fun activity speculation by people with money using money to make money. These people create no goods or services, only on paper, and every consumer and producer of natural gas is affected. For us in Garfield County, it’s a double whammy. High gas prices make those wells worth drilling.

Government regulation could protect us and our land from this gouge, but right now it’s un-American to not grab any and all the money you can, by any means. At least for four more years, it’s government by corporation. Enjoy that speculation.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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