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Letters to the Editor

Happy birthday, National Guard, 368 years of American heritage

Dear Editor,

I’m Spc. John Pizzelli, Colorado National Guard career counselor, writing to share with readers about the National Guard’s birthday. The National Guard started Dec. 13, 1636, in Massachusetts ” the first militia of the United States. These brave Americans weren’t soldiers by trade. They were everyday people ” farmers, ranchers, doctors, blacksmiths, and shopkeepers. These militia men became known as Minutemen, colonists who could be called upon at a minute’s notice to defend their colony.

It’s a heritage that includes names of our proudest heroes and leaders: Paul Revere, John Hancock, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Theodore Roosevelt and President George W. Bush.

National Guard was active during the Revolutionary War. In the 1800s, National Guard contributed to the nation’s defense at home and abroad, participating in World War I and II, Korean conflict, Vietnam War, Cold War mobilizations, Operation Desert Storm, and the global war on terrorism.

It’s the “You Can” spirit that empowered those settlers to become citizen-soldiers and is part of the National Guard’s 368-year heritage. Presently over 350,000 patriotic Americans with the “You Can” spirit are voluntary members. The National Guard’s role today involves national defense and state emergencies like blizzards, floods, forest fires (Coal Seam, Storm King), counter-drug activities and homeland defense. It’s been the citizen-soldier like our forefathers who always keep our nation “the land of the free.” Those interested in joining the Colorado National Guard, please contact Spc. John Pizzelli at 970-261-3819.

Proudly serving you,

Spc. John Pizzelli

Colorado National Guard


Dear Editor,

Hi, my name is Katie and I’m 14 years old. The main reason why I’m sending you this letter is because I want to know why so many people in the community don’t know about the Glenwood Springs Middle School band program?

We have a concert Tuesday, and I know that it would mean a lot if we get the word out about the band. So I was thinking maybe you guys could send a photographer to wherever we be playing. So if you send us a photographer and he or she can place a picture of us in the newspaper, that would be just amazing. Myself and our band director, Mr. Watt, would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your time,

Katie Faris

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

As we prepare for another year, I am hopeful our county commissioners agree that government should be open, accessible, and responsive. One important way Garfield County can better meet the desires of residents is to televise commissioner meetings. Although not all are served by cable television, video copies can be provided to those with a special interest in county proceedings. This commitment will also provide a more complete record of meetings than current audio and transposed minutes.

Another improvement that can encourage greater participation is to change the regular board meeting to a more “citizen-friendly” time. Currently, meetings begin Monday mornings at 8 a.m., with agendas published in the newspaper the Friday before. Your chances to get more information about agenda items that interest you are slim-to-none, depending on when you read the paper and if you can be in contact with county staff.

As a recent commissioner candidate, and evidenced by the very close results, I believe many residents are not satisfied with the status quo and want responsive and forward-thinking elected officials. There is great support to have commissioner meetings televised. The board should agree that this is a priority item to be funded in the coming year.

I encourage residents to remain involved in bringing about positive outcomes and seeking responsiveness to their needs and issues, at both the local and state level. It takes time, energy, patience and perseverance to succeed. So much is at stake today and for our future.


Greg Jeung

Glenwood Springs

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