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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Regarding “DDA needs to move forward” (GSPI, Dec. 10): Slowpokes with no vision, no determination, no guts, no willingness, no risks, no self-sacrifices, no direction and no purpose tend to be bland and in the business world come to a bitter end. If you can’t handle the heat, then stay out of the kitchen and let real

business-oriented individuals take over in downtown Glenwood Springs.

Cordially yours,

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.


Dear Editor,

American troops have voiced concern that their vehicles are not armored. They have been scrounging dumps for metal and compromised ballistic glass so they have a chance of returning alive. Rumsfeld says he is “fighting a war with the army he has, not the one he would like to have.” He ignored the fact that the administration was planning the Iraq war since 2001, and now it is nearly 2005, almost four years on. How long does it take to figure out that you should support our troops by protecting them? Contractors say they have offered to speed up the production of armored vehicles, but the Pentagon was not interested.

Meanwhile, Halliburton has reached the $10 billion level in contracts awarded in Iraq. Should we start having bake sales to help our troops buy protective armor for themselves and their vehicles? Maybe Halliburton could toss in a couple dozen cookies to help.


Gerry Terwilliger


Dear Editor,

Glenwood Springs has one of the most impressive multigovernmental center complexes that I have seen. Adjoining that complex are great parking lots for staff, police cars and all kinds of officials. I have circled the area many times looking for public parking and usually ended up parking in front of a business or residence, which I’m sure they appreciate, and walking a substantial distance.

If it truly is “government of the people, by the people and for the people” they would have built some parking for the people. Come to think of it, I don’t remember voting to build those massive complexes anyway. How about turning some of that useless lawn into parking? Maybe have the employees ride the bus or maybe even carpool.

Someone once said, “If we don’t have government based on the Ten Commandments, we will have government by ten thousand commandments.” Guess where we are on that scale? How about giving “we, the people” some free-from?

Ross L Talbott

New Castle

Dear Editor,

The latest plan just released by the Bureau of Land Management allowing 327 gas wells to be drilled on the border of Garfield and Rio Blanco counties is another huge example of how the BLM is out of control and actually promoting gas drilling as fast as possible. Who did the environmental impact study for this plan? The BLM. Again, there is no system of checks and balances in place to oversee gas drilling activity. We as citizens are being overrun by the power of BLM and EnCana. The BLM is now at an all-time high abusing authority over Garfield County. The relationship between EnCana and the BLM is way too close!

For now, the only way that Garfield County and other counties can control gas drilling is to take control of the permit process. So, the drilling permit approval process should be legislated away from the COGCC to County Commissioners and their energy advisory committees.

It is ironic that we are allowing gas companies to damage our environment for future generations for an energy source that will soon be outdated and overpriced.

Save Colorado!

Randy Fricke


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