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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It’s hard to distinguish whether Dan Richardson is a visionary, or just a guy with common sense (“Getting a greener Glenwood,” Jan. 24), but whatever his classification, he’s a guy moving in the right direction.

There is a reason that so many people are lining up behind his Sustainable Cities Initiative. It will help to preserve Colorado’s beautiful environment for generations to come, and hopefully spawn new ways of thinking that will make Glenwood a poster child for communities that hold energy efficiency and renewable energy sources dear.

This movement should serve as a wake-up call to other towns and cities in Colorado and across the country that we are in a new era of city planning. Unfortunately, the Bush administration does not share Richardson’s plans for sustainable living and energy, and will try to push through an energy bill this Congressional session full of oil and nuclear power subsidies. Here’s hoping that Sen. Ken Salazar and other Colorado politicians are ready to share Dan Richardson’s ideas with the rest of the country by standing up to the Bush energy bill in Congress.

Matthew Larson


Dear Editor,

In regards to Ms. Manown’s letter, I believe she is totally mistaken, and I fully support the commissioners’ action. We who live in unincorporated Garfield County already support RFTA through our purchases at the grocery store and elsewhere in the county, since the vast majority of retail establishments are located within incorporated municipalities. It would have been double taxation if the county had “donated” another $100,000 to RFTA.

Since figures show that the Hogback Route is supported by downvalley taxes, it is overdue for RFTA to look at all the “freebie” routes they run in Pitkin County.

Let’s not forget, RFTA wouldn’t be necessary if Pitkin County/Aspen had taken some responsibility to house their workers, in addition to the relatively few employee housing units now available.

Sharon A. Brenner


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