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Letters to the Editor

An open letter to the Garfield County commissioners,

I would like my comments below to be added to the Roan Plateau public comments.

But first, I must express my dismay that county commissioners refused to place Bob Elderkin on the Energy Advisory Board. And their reasons are baffling and amazing: because he’s against oil and gas. Isn’t that the whole idea, to give diverse opinions a chance to air? Why don’t we say that no oil and gas people should be on the board because they’re too favorable and biased to its development? Bob Elderkin is a knowledgeable, honest man. To deny him acceptance to this board is a shame on you, the county commissioners.

I support the Community Alternative for the Roan Plateau.

Turning a scenic area into another gas industrial area in Garfield County doesn’t better serve its citizens, its commerce, or the preservation of the land. Of course with this comment, you have to accept that quality of life is a tangible asset. We are losing that asset when we plot and plan to plunder all the beauty that is an important part of our lives. It’s amazing that we’re willing to destroy the fragile beauty around us, without ever even considering alternative sources of energy.

I don’t think one more gas pad should be built until a portion of the profits fund renewable energy.

Marice Doll

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Some time ago, the GSPI published a survey which asked readers to comment on the Post’s coverage, quality and service.

Since that survey, I have noticed an increase in the coverage of county government and issues.

There is also more depth of coverage for the Glenwood City Council meetings. Instead of a paragraph for each topic after a meeting, the GSPI has refined the organization of stories. Now the Post takes a topic and gives a day’s column to the more important issues. This spreads the issues over several days and with better detail.

Thanks for the improvements!

Chris McGovern

City Council

representative-Ward 3

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

Are we being offered, in the president’s social security reform bill, a non-crisis and a non-solution similar to the phony crisis and the half-planned solution of the Iraq War?

They said Saddam Hussein was an imminent threat to the U.S. That was the crisis, but the United Nations inspectors in Iraq were reporting “No WMDs, no bomb.”

The inspectors were summarily withdrawn, shock-and-awe commenced. “Victory” came quickly. A country lay in shambles; no government, no law, no police, no economic or political structures and no plan to provide security for the Iraqi people.

Now we have another “crisis” and another “solution.” We are told that Social Security will be bankrupt in a few years. It isn’t facing bankruptcy. It has a huge surplus of funds in Treasury Bonds. What we have is definitely not a crisis, it is a problem. Problems can be solved. This one can be solved, too.

The private Investment Retirement Accounts do nothing to correct the problem. They add no new funds. The transition will cost an estimated 1.4 trillion dollars. They will draw money from social security and force it to cut benefits.

Social Security has been a lifesaver for many. It is a sure thing. The stock market is a gamble. Social Security can be fixed. One way might be to extend the cap on contributions to Social Security from $90,000 on to the millions of dollars some CEOs collect. Why not?

Peter Larrowe


Dear Editor,

One would think that with all the recent vandalism that has hit New Castle, you would see cops in the neighborhoods driving around or even just sitting there to ward off would-be vandals, yet I continue to see them at the gas station at 11 p.m. and midnight.

Isn’t this the time frame that they are stating a lot of these crimes have happened in our community? Maybe we should hold the police responsible for our losses, I mean they sure don’t have a problem cashing their paychecks and sitting around spending that money on our time. Don’t we as taxpayers pay the police?

Is the New Castle police department hiring? I want a job where I get paid whether I perform my job or not. Anybody else out there want to join with me?

Joe Shankland

New Castle

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